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Walk In Wardrobes Advanced Design Ideas

wardrobe design

Designing The Perfect Walk In Wardrobe

When considering a walk in wardrobe is a great idea to treat the experience as more than just installing a storage area for clothes. If you have the time, budget and room you can create a wonderful area that affects you on a daily basis.

Here are our 5 advanced design tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Designing the layout

The first area to start is designing the layout. Where are your clothes going to be stored and how. Importantly its good to get a proper computer generated layouts that show size and features. This will give you an accurate look at how your walk in wardrobe will come together. Never rely on an installers word or hand drawing as this could lead to trouble.

Look & Feel

How do you want to feel when you first walk in to your walk in wardrobe? Is it elegance, grandeur or pizazz or even straight forward functional. What parts of your clothing collection could you feature? Do you want your beautiful hand bags or shoes on display? How about a full length mirror to add to the excitement of choosing an outfit. Use your imagination here to turn your walk in wardrobe from something dull into something extraordinary.


Our most popular colour for walk in wardrobes is white but you don’t have to stop there. You could have coloured back panels or drawers with a feature colour on the front panels or you could choose a completely different colour for the whole walk in wardrobe. Ask Leigh about the colours available and he will bring out a swatch of colours to show you during a measure up.

Remember your clothes are a reflection of your taste and colour aesthetic and so can your walk in wardrobe.

Less Is More

One thing we almost always see is a wardrobe full of clothes and in most cases too many clothes. We suggest having a big clean out of clothes to get rid of that “over stuffed” look. We all have clothes that we will never wear again and could easily be donated. This will allow your new wardrobe to “breathe” and also give you the opportunity to add to your collection.

Lighting Up.

We had one client that had 12 down-lights in her walk in wardrobe that lit the small room up magnificently. It was bright. You may want a subtle feel to your installation but don’t ignore the affect lighting can have on your wardrobe. A single bulb is usually what you start with but we suggest down lights with a dimmer switch (you’ll need an electrician for this of course). Make sure your wardrobe is well lit so you can find clothing and accessories easily and successfully see your outfit choices. Here are some more tips!

A walk in wardrobe is an investment, a functional tool but also can affect your mood. Take some time to consider the layout, design features and accessories to achieve the perfect outcome.

5 x Walk In Wardrobe Design Mistakes

white walk in wardrobe

5 x Walk In Wardrobe Design Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Walk in wardrobes are an asset to your the value of your home and your daily life. It’s a good idea then to pay attention to your current and future walk in wardrobe requirements with a savvy eye.

Yes without being smart you need to make sure you have a thorough walk in wardrobe education and this can offer occur by learning what not to do and what to avoid.

Mistake #1

You don’t future proof your wardrobe design with options such as adjustable shelving that allow you to change your wardrobe as your life changes.

What if you suddenly decide you want to wear boots but you have no where to store them. Or you opt for more casual clothing that requires more shelf space.

If its not adjustable its not any good!

Mistake #2

You go the cheap option and buy modular wardrobe inserts and realise there is a lot of wasted space (this also applies to reach in wardrobes). If your walk in wardrobe is not fitted for the exact amount of space available then you will missed out on full storage potential.

Often the wardrobe option uses cheaper material so won’t last as long. I know its a personal taste thing but modular wardrobe options don’t look as good either.

Mistake #3

Not using a wardrobe professional who can supply you with CAD drawings of your wardrobe layout. Yes you get to see the wardrobe design BEFORE its built. We provide free drawings for you as part of your walk in wardrobe plan. Your local carpenter, builder or cabinet maker wouldn’t do this so you are flying blind and can only “guess” at the layout.

Mistake #4

You forget what you are investing in. Remember you probably go to your walk in wardrobe about a minimum of six times a day. Dressing, putting clean clothes away, looking for your wallet or purse and so on. If this is an area you use and frequent EVERYDAY then it must be a utility that works for you functionally and aesthetically. You’re not investing in melamine and accessories or even space management, you’re investing in MAJOR CONVENIENCE.

Just a side note about adding value to your home. If you invest in a walk in wardrobe you’ll improve the value of your home. You will be surprised by the smaller things in a home that gets a buyer excited especially when there is competition between your home for sale and another similar home for sale in the neighbourhood.

Mistake #5

I must reiterate about using a wardrobe professional who will discuss and share their knowledge:

– shelving space and size,
– how much medium or full hanging you require
– accessories that you will need
– wall hung or floor based sections
– drawers
– user friendly layout
– 30 years of wardrobe experience

A cabinet maker generally specialises in kitchens not wardrobes so doesn’t fully understand wardrobe function and has a limited experience with wardrobe options and accessories. They might be great installers and know their trade but aren’t specialists.

The most important concern should be a great installation with no mistakes. Hopefully this will give you a guide when thinking about getting a walk in wardrobe installed. Talk to roving wardrobe expert Leigh Robinson today!


Get Your Walk In Wardrobe Looking Great!

walk in weardrobe

7 Design Tips To Get Your Walk In Wardrobe Looking Amazing!

Getting a walk in wardrobe looking amazing is not that difficult if you know how. If you’ve never really paid much heed to design and layout this is a great way to start so when it comes to looking at you wardrobe install you have a few helpful clues.

Here are our seven tips on not only getting a functional walk in wardrobe but one that looks great as well.

  1. Don’t just think of your walk in wardrobe layout as storage for clothes and thats it. Look at the flow of the room and how you imagine you will choose your outfit and shoes. Most clients use a bank of drawers with a mirror as a central point and have their hanging clothes to the left and shelving to the right. This of course is entirely up to you but from a design perspective think about what you want to see as soon as you walk into your wardrobe.
  2. Many times wardrobes of poor design have dead corners. Our walk in wardrobes don’t. We have different ways of utilising dead corners with shelving, hanging or shoe storage options. The design trick here is never have hanging clothes meeting hanging clothes. It looks messy and cluttered. Hanging clothes meeting shelves is a fair better option both for look and functionality.
  3. If you have chosen to install a bank of drawers choose a deeper drawer as this looks better and of course you can fit more in. Thinner draws are not as practical.
  4. Staying with the drawers make sure your drawer section height is tall as it adds volume and visual interest to your walk in wardrobe. Often times it breaks up the design as well so its not a barrage of all hanging areas or shelving.
  5. Utilising all the space no matter if you have a large or small room. You will be surprised how much you can fit into a wardrobe area if you introduce multiple hanging options and adjustable shelves.
  6. The right clothes in the right area. Don’t just hang everything on coat hangers and be done. Check out a pants rack or a tie rack for specific purposes. Learn the neatest way of folding clothes also helps. Check out youtube clips for this. You may already know this of course but I can’t remember anyone showing me how to fold clothes like they do in a retail shop. I can almost guarantee this will release a happy, content feeling if your clothes are folding neatly, items are hung correctly; a place for everything and everything in its place.
  7. Don’t ignore your shoes. They should be display properly on shoe shelving for smaller areas or with slanted shelving for larger walk in wardrobes. If you have plenty of boots consider acrylic dividers so they can be stored neatly.

Remember your walk in wardrobe can be customised to suit your needs directly. You know that feeling when you lose your keys and just can’t seem to find them anywhere? You don’t want that to happen when you walk into your wardrobe. You want everything laid out beautifully so you can choose your outfit easily. This goes the same for your partner who probably loses things far more than you do.

To stop that over stuffed look consider donating clothing (I wrote about it here) that you never wear or its too big for you now after your successful weight loss regime.

A tidy wardrobe equals a tidy mind! Contact Leigh Robinson for a free quote and design layout. Ph: 0412 525 137


Walk In Wardrobe Enemies

walk in wardrobe before shot

5 Things To Watch Out For With A Walk In Wardrobe Installation

If you are reading this then you will probably guess that we are walk in wardrobe experts. If you think that you are, of course, right on the mark. Regardless of whether you choose us or one of our great competitors here are a few things to watch out for regarding an installation.

  1. Most cabinet makers are great at their jobs of installing cupboards, shelves, kitchens and yes even walk in wardrobes. The only issues you might have is in the design and layout and accessories. Very few cabinet makers have a full understanding of wardrobe layout and how to best maximise the space due to a lack of experience. Our installers are cabinet makers but with a difference. They have been trained to install our system and follow a designed layout that has been approved by the client and they install walk in wardrobes regularly every month.
  2. Cabinet makers may be able to provide accessories but as it’s not a priority. You may end up with a cheap and nasty solution that doesn’t quite cut the mustard or they simply don’t have a matching range of accessories. Plus you want accessories that look the part!
  3. More on accessories, here is where you want to pay attention. Our accessories will basically last a lifetime. Things like valet rods, pant ranks, shoe storage solutions and more. Quality products that are made to last. Who really wants to replace anything in a walk in wardrobe after heavily investing in a getting one in the first place? Think about convenience and ease of use as well as peace of mind.
  4. If you own an older house chances are it’s out of square. This doesn’t effect you but makes our installers work that much harder to do the perfect job. Again, experience here helps enormously to make sure the wardrobe’s installation is a success.
  5. Wall hung verses not. Our wardrobe system is wall hung which means in most cases it won’t affect any existing carpet and leaves you free to vacuum the area freely. Another thing we have noticed is it encourages clients not to clutter up the floor. The wall hung system is great if your room is not square, there is no need to make the floor level and you also don’t have to worry about dealing with skirting. (Great for older homes)

There are are pitfalls to getting a walk in wardrobe but we suggest going with an expert. One that deals mostly in wardrobes rather than an allrounder. If you are considering getting a walk in wardrobe installed talk to Leigh Robinson today. Ph: 0412 525 137

West Geelong Wardrobe Install

wardrobe installer

Walk In Wardrobe Installation – 3 Metres

This week we have installed a walk in wardrobe that extended to 3 metres high (10ft) in West Geelong. The client had a vintage home with 14 foot ceilings and wanted to capitalise on the amount of space that presented.

before the installation
Before the installation

There were two areas that we installed walk in wardrobes – a his and hers scenario. These were relatively small spaces (240mm x 1500mm) so maximising the 14 foot vertical was the only option. The shapes were slightly different but as we have a very flexible system we can adapt our installations and products easily.

Drawers (2 sets), folded storage, multiple hanging options and slanted, polished chrome shoe racks were install with a wall to wall L-shaped top shelf.

After the installation


The Filler

The filler on the top shelf in the corner allows for shelving in this case (or you could use a hanging option) to avoid the dreaded dead corner. This filler can be a 180mm (minimum) or 230mm (maximum) space that allows easy access to hanging or folded clothing.
wardrobe corner filler

We can install in older homes with space challenges or in newly built homes with our custom system. Its flexible to give you the best use of the area that you have and great a useful asset to your home.

Call Leigh today for a free measure and quote and he will also show you the accessories that are available.

Lovely Banks Installation

smaller walk in wardrobe

A Smaller Walk In Wardrobe Installation

Often we thing of a walk in wardrobe as a major luxury reserved for those with money to burn but that is hardly ever the case.

We recently installed a walk in wardrobe in Lovely Banks (a suburb of Geelong) in a room that measured 2.1 metres by 1.5. This was a relatively small area next to an ensuite in a modern three bedroom home for a first home owner couple.

Regardless of the size nearly all the space was utilised effectively (no dead corners) with a draw bank, medium and double hanging and plenty of open shelving. Take note that the wardrobe is off the floor making it easy to vacuum and there is a top shelf running the full length of the wardrobe. As with all our walk in wardrobes, high quality, 18mm melamine was used in the installation.

This type of installation starts at about $2000 so it’s not out of reach for most people.

No matter how big or small your wardrobe is you need to consider the following:

  1. How many folded items you have?
  2. Hanging sizes can be medium double or full hanging. (check the first photo below – double and medium hanging example)
  3. Your shoes can be on a carousel, on angled or straight shelving.
  4. How many draws cdo you need – with a jewellery inset maybe?
  5. Do you need extra storage space especially if you have higher ceilings and can go up!
  6. Check out the accessories that are available here.




double hanging wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe is a great functional item that adds value to your home. If you are limited with space talk to Leigh and he can help plan your smaller area and maximise its potential. The wardrobe system is flexible and customisable so your install can suit the space you have as well as your storage requirements.

Point Lonsdale Wardrobe Install


A Mirror Image Walk In Wardrobe

Point Lonsdale is a pretty coastal township on the south eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsular right next door to Queenscliff. This is where we installed a “mirrored” walk in wardrobe.

As you look into the walk in wardrobe you can see Leigh Robinson just before doing a final installation check. When you turn around 180 degrees you see almost the same wardrobe features in the second image. This is what we mean by a mirrored walk in wardrobe.



white walk in wardrobe

This installation was done whilst the owners where renovating so you will notice the skirting boards have not been inserted as yet.1

What you will find is the walk in wardrobe is hung from the wall on a series of rails and brackets. These rails can carry a weight up to 500 kgs. This is a unique system that you won’t find anywhere else.

5 Important Reason Why Our Walk In Wardrobes Systems Could Work In Your Home

  1. The whole system is off the floor which makes it easy to add skirting or lay carpet and to vacuum afterwards. (Perfect if you’re renovating)
  2. The space between the shelving/draws and floor makes the wardrobe look aesthetically tidy but still could be used for storage.
  3. Our rail and bracket system allows for an enormous amount of versatility when it comes to utilising dead corners as you can see below. There is extra shelving and hanging space that in most wardrobe installs the corner spaces are never fully utilised.
  4. Our bracket and rail system is also good when you have uneven floors (especially in older houses) or existing carpet that you don’t want to touch.
  5. If you are limited by space or have an unusual layout in your bedroom our walk in wardrobe can easily accommodate all sorts of challenges.

Leigh Robinson, owner and chief measuring guy has seen so many different adaptations of the rail and bracket system along with his highly qualified installers that your wardrobe solution is ready to be nailed! Call Leigh today to book a free measure and quote. Ph: 0412 525 137


Lara Walk In Wardrobe Installation

shoe shelf

Popular Walk In Wardrobes

Most of our installation work is utilising existing space this example in Lara shows how we maximised the storage area effectively.

The room size was   1800mm x 2300mm.

It turned out we had installed bifolds doors for this lady twenty years ago and here we were revamping her walk in wardrobe.

Our client really wanted her shoes and hand bags organised properly so chose the acrylic dividers.

We also installed a valet rod and an accessories tray. The accessories tray is quite rare and not often ordered because of the amount of space that it takes up. You can see the accessory tray has been installed next to the door which the perfect place to drop off wallets, keys and other smaller items. You can also hang belts and ties if necessary below the accessory tray.

In the corner is an opportunity to hang full length clothing items utilising the dead corner right next to medium hanging areas.

The wardrobe is shared between her and her husband with the husband receiving approximately 20% of wardrobe storage. Most of our wardrobe systems cater to the many more clothes our female clients possess.

This is our second installation in Lara this month.

full hanging wardrobe valet rod medium hanging valet belt hanger, wallet tray shoe shelf

A Wardrobe System

Our wardrobe installations follow a defined system that makes it streamlined for installation but also giving exactly the storage space you need. This allows us to quote efficiently and keep the costs down.

The first step is looking at your requirements and the space you have and creating a design that will suit your existing requirements. We can easily match our wardrobe components to suit but if you require anything bespoke then this may cost you more.

Most of our installations are straight forward like this one in Lara where functionality and design come together perfectly.

Its also a big lesson in looking after clients properly especially when they order from you 20 years later.

If you live in Lara, Victoria and need help with a walk in wardrobe call Leigh Robinson for a free measure and quote. Ph: 0412 525 137

Grovedale Walk In Wardrobe

full walk in wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe Installed In Grovedale Townhouse

We have installed walk in wardrobes in a few townhouses that were lucky enough to have a small area for this type of install. As per usual this small wardrobe areas contained was a high shelf and a hanging rail.

The most important thing for our client was maximising the space so effectively all her clothes fit including her shoes, hand bags and a safe for important documents.

Here’s what we do.

5 Space Saving Walk In Wardrobe Tricks

  1. Utilising the dead corners. We are able to join shelving in such a way that it allows easy access to clothing either with shelves or hanging options or both. Below you can see on one side there is a shelf plus full hanging and on the other corner (second image) there are a couple of shelves and three quarter hanging.wardrobe corner hanging and shelfwardrobe corner usage
  2. Other ways we have used dead corners is with shoe carousels such as this example.
  3. Speaking of shoes another way shoes can be stored to save space is by incorporating narrow shelving. The shelf height can be adjusted allowing for an enormous amount of flexibility. This may seem simple but adding that flexibility to shoe storage allows you to get more shoes in and still see them displayed.
  4.  Hanging options are a great way of utilising space. Most wardrobes have full hanging and thats it but with our system you can have half, three quarter of full hanging and dictate the amount of area each may use.
  5. Planning your unique wardrobe layout is the way to go. Organising your folded clothes, shoes, drawers, hanging requirements that includes pant/trouser racks, hand bags and storage items into the limited space you have is the challenge. You will be amazed at what you can fit in your walk in wardrobe (including a wardrobe safe).
    full walk in wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe is practical and convenient and a great way of organising your clothes and maybe your partners. There are plenty of accessories available and it will last a life time or until you may move.

Thanks to Jackie for allowing us to photograph her home in Grovedale.

Geelong Walk In Wardrobe

Amazing Walk In Wardrobe Installation in Newtown

Many of our walk in wardrobe installations are local and we are extremely proud of this installation in Newtown, Geelong. Often our wardrobe installations work seamlessly with new homes because designers are allowing the space for walk in wardrobes. Newtown is an older suburb of Geelong and there aren’t many new homes built so we have to get creative with our designs using what available space we are presented with.

Our client was quite sure on what she wanted down to the leather specialty handles on the wardrobe doors. As you can see in the installation images our client also ordered a valet rod, belt and tie rack and multiple hanging areas.


reach in wardrobe geelong

This is the difference between a cabinet maker and our installations.

Three Important Reasons Why You Should Hire Walk In Wardrobe Experts

  1. Designed & Planned Your Wardrobe Space

    Rather than being experts at installing or dealing with timber. A walk in wardrobe installer is more of an expert in maximising the space you have and your cloth storage needs. Our walk in wardrobes are not just slapped together with a few rods and shelves. They are planned designed and executed to give you exactly what you want with an incredible array of accessories.

  2. Sourcing The Right Wardrobe Accessory

    This leads on to the accessories. We have all sorts of accessories available on demand where a cabinet maker would have to try and source accessories and wait and hope for delivery. Also hoping the accessories were of the highest quality. We don’t have that issue as our accessories are comprehensive, high quality, reliable and serve the wardrobe perfectly.

  3. Wardrobes Only

    We checked out the cabinet makers in Geelong (and the surrounding towns such as Ocean Grove and Torquay) and most website don’t even mention wardrobes. Their emphasis is on kitchens and bathrooms. That gives you a hint right there that you might not be getting exactly what you want from your wardrobe installation.

The wardrobe installation at Newtown went through various versions until the client was happy to proceed. It was a long term investment that would give the client a functional storage place that made it easy to pick and choose what to wear on a daily as well as adding available asset to the property.

Call Leigh Robinson – Geelong’s Premier Wardrobe Expert. Ph: 0412 525 137