A Walk In Wardrobe Installation In Curlewis

A Walk In Wardrobe Full Installation

Leigh Robinson gives us a commentary on the latest wardrobe installation in the Greater Geelong area – Curlewis.

Here we are today in Curlewis, which is just near Drysdale, in this magnificent property that’s just been completed. Today we’re going to have a run through with the walk in wardrobes that we’ve installed here.

In the master bedroom we’ve got our double hanging which takes the top part and the bottom part of this section


We’ve got our valet rod up here, for hanging  dry cleaning or putting anything out when you want to get dressed.

Over here we’ve got what we call our half medium hanging. This is a little bit taller than what you can see here on the double hanging, and this is for longer in garments, with tails or longer shirts or whatever you like with the medium hanging. And it’s got shelving up the top for folded clothes such as jumpers.

Into the corner here, we’ve got the tall hanging, or long hanging, again, and it’s also got the belt rack that you can see here, which is a great accessory tool as well.


You will notice that we have no dead corners in our walk in robes so that everything’s accessible.

As you’ll notice, there’s a top shelf at the top that continues the contour of the room all the way as a U shape, and it’s complete storage at the top. So, we’ve got 100% usable space in the room.

We’ve got our pants rack or trouser racks. So, these take up to 13 pairs or you can go a larger size up to 16 pairs in size. And you can piggy back on the top if you need to. These racks have got a skid proof coating on the top so your pants or your trousers are not going to fall off overnight. You won’t find them slipping to the floor.

wardrobe trouser rack

Over here, we’ve got our hutch units and pull out drawers here. All the drawers are on a soft close mechanism.

You can  have these shelves removed and we can put a mirror at the back so you act like a dresser, if you want to use it for makeup or anything particular. So itcomes either with a mirror backing, or with adjustable shelves.

Now over here we’ve got the shoe rack, or shoe bank. They’re on a slant which gives you a great presentation so you can see exactly what you’ve got.

The taller height down the bottom here are for stand up boots.

shoe rack shoe shelves

And then you’ve got your adjustable shelves which work on a 32mm system, so you can regulate the height of your shelving.

Moving on to one of the children’s bedrooms in the walk in robes, and apart from the soft close drawers, there’s also a basket system here. All our baskets are in the polished chrome that matches the decor. The baskets are a full extension, so you’ve got full access to the basket.There is also  acrylic mat so you get no creases on folded clothes, and if you’ve got small change or small items, it won’t fall through. One of the good things with baskets is they are aerated, so no silverfish or mothballs.



wire wardrobe baskets

Another great feature that we have with the walk in robes is they’re a wall-hung system up to 500 kilos on a 2.4 span, so it’s never going to come down, and its off the floor. The beauty of being off the floor, it’s clutter-free, you can vacuum through. You can put your plastic or your shoe boxes or put whatever you like underneath, but it gives you a great opportunity just to vacuum through and it’s a great airy and nice presentation.

Not having any baseboards or skirting boards saves in costs. and also helps if the floor is not level.

With your walk in wardrobe there are plenty of choices for you to get exactly what you want. Call Leigh Robinson today for a free measure and quote. Ph: 0412 525 137

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...