5 x Walk In Wardrobe Design Mistakes

white walk in wardrobe

5 x Walk In Wardrobe Design Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Walk in wardrobes are an asset to your the value of your home and your daily life. It’s a good idea then to pay attention to your current and future walk in wardrobe requirements with a savvy eye.

Yes without being smart you need to make sure you have a thorough walk in wardrobe education and this can offer occur by learning what not to do and what to avoid.

Mistake #1

You don’t future proof your wardrobe design with options such as adjustable shelving that allow you to change your wardrobe as your life changes.

What if you suddenly decide you want to wear boots but you have no where to store them. Or you opt for more casual clothing that requires more shelf space.

If its not adjustable its not any good!

Mistake #2

You go the cheap option and buy modular wardrobe inserts and realise there is a lot of wasted space (this also applies to reach in wardrobes). If your walk in wardrobe is not fitted for the exact amount of space available then you will missed out on full storage potential.

Often the wardrobe option uses cheaper material so won’t last as long. I know its a personal taste thing but modular wardrobe options don’t look as good either.

Mistake #3

Not using a wardrobe professional who can supply you with CAD drawings of your wardrobe layout. Yes you get to see the wardrobe design BEFORE its built. We provide free drawings for you as part of your walk in wardrobe plan. Your local carpenter, builder or cabinet maker wouldn’t do this so you are flying blind and can only “guess” at the layout.

Mistake #4

You forget what you are investing in. Remember you probably go to your walk in wardrobe about a minimum of six times a day. Dressing, putting clean clothes away, looking for your wallet or purse and so on. If this is an area you use and frequent EVERYDAY then it must be a utility that works for you functionally and aesthetically. You’re not investing in melamine and accessories or even space management, you’re investing in MAJOR CONVENIENCE.

Just a side note about adding value to your home. If you invest in a walk in wardrobe you’ll improve the value of your home. You will be surprised by the smaller things in a home that gets a buyer excited especially when there is competition between your home for sale and another similar home for sale in the neighbourhood.

Mistake #5

I must reiterate about using a wardrobe professional who will discuss and share their knowledge:

– shelving space and size,
– how much medium or full hanging you require
– accessories that you will need
– wall hung or floor based sections
– drawers
– user friendly layout
– 30 years of wardrobe experience

A cabinet maker generally specialises in kitchens not wardrobes so doesn’t fully understand wardrobe function and has a limited experience with wardrobe options and accessories. They might be great installers and know their trade but aren’t specialists.

The most important concern should be a great installation with no mistakes. Hopefully this will give you a guide when thinking about getting a walk in wardrobe installed. Talk to roving wardrobe expert Leigh Robinson today!