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7 Power Tips For Smaller Walk In Wardrobes Pt #1

How To Squeeze More Space Out Of A Small Walk In Wardrobe

Most of us don’t have huge walk in wardrobe unless you have just built a new home and took advantage during the design process. In fact entering to most walk in wardrobes immediately makes us feel like dieting.

Our walk in wardrobe consists of a lonely top shelf and rail. The clothes almost spew our the shelf and the bottom of the wardrobe is a dark cavern where anything can be lurking. The rack of clothes resembles an op-shop jumble sale with a variety of tops and pants protruding at awkward angles. Its hard to make any fashion statement with this type of mess and you have to face it every morning.

Is your walk in wardrobe a narrow rectangle or small cube? Let’s now press on a find out 7 ways we can improve your walk in wardrobe and maybe your daily morning routines as well.

Draws or Tall-Boys Are Key

1. Most narrow or small walk in wardrobes have no drawers. Drawers are the queen of neatness in a wardrobe and can hold up 2.5 more things than hanging clothes up. There you go more saved spaced right there.

As I mentioned draws make everything look tidy and organised that will help your OCD and anxiety plus it will help look after your clothes.

Don’t forget instead of wooden drawers you can get wire baskets so you can see the drawers contents at a glance.

Often times these drawers are called tall boys and can include shelves for hand bags, shoes or extra blankets.

Drawers will add a touch of elegance to your walk in wardrobe and give you a sense of peace. That’s got to be good when you are about to dress and start your incredibly busy and stressful day eh?

Design & Layout

2. Your wardrobe design, especially when its small or narrow should consist of a hanging area to one side and shelves and drawers on the other. Or you could put the draws in the centre facing you, hangers to one side on the left  and narrow shelves to the right. This will be the best use of the space available and won’t look so cluttered and disorganised.

In the next blog we go through more space saving tips to getting your small or narrow walk in wardrobe sorted. Talk to Leigh Robinson (Mr Space Maximiser) to go through your requirements if you’re tight for space.  Ph: 0412 525 137


Why Use A Walk In Wardrobe Expert?

The Walk In Wardrobe Experts

There is nothing better than an expert eh? Someone who delves into something regularly, all day , everyday. When it comes to walk in wardrobes and anything associated with a walk in wardrobe that’s what we do. Often our so called competition might be a builder but they aren’t really competition as they don’t focus on walk in wardrobe design or installation like we do. Even a cabinet maker isn’t really a wardrobe expert focussing more on kitchens than wardrobes.

Everything Wardrobe!!

Wardrobes, wardrobe doors, wardrobe interior design, wardrobe accessories, wardrobe advice. You name it we do it when it comes to walk in wardrobes. Now this isn’t a brag fest or an advertisement for what we do. Most likely you are reading this because you are already interested in a walk in wardrobe and you have issues with your existing wardrobe. Most of our installations are done in older houses that have the room but no real consideration was taken with the wardrobe.

It’s only a small slice of life but if you value your clothes and want to get to your handbags and shoes easily then that is your goal. Our goal is to satisfy your goal by creating a  walk in wardrobe layout and a design that suits your clothes storing needs.

Paying Attention To Wardrobe Trends

As a walk in wardrobe expert we are constantly studying our craft by:

– the variety of installs we do,

– by paying attention to global trends and

– the latest product enhancements.

A builder or cabinet maker has no time for this or no decent access to this information.

I’m off to get my car tuned by an expert because I have very little knowledge regarding engines (actually zero knowledge) but ask me anything about wardrobes and I’ll let you know. Call me today to discuss what you might need and remember you’ll be dealing with an expert right there!

5 Walk In Wardrobe Design Tips

Poorly Designed Or No Design Wardrobes

Every week we come across bad walk in wardrobe design or even none existing wardrobe design and more cheap and cheerful wardrobe frames with rods, piles of shoes and shoe boxes and other baskets of clothes. We also see missed-matched draws on wheels that never seem to hold enough clothing and the drawers are the wrong depth. This really does describe many wardrobes and the answer of course is reevaluating the space you have, the amount of clothes you have and how you want them displayed.

Let’s go through the five most important wardrobe design tips that you will need to think about if you’re going to change your life and get a walk in wardrobe installed. (There will be no looking back!)

The Sagging Clothes Hanger

In most wardrobes there are so many clothes hanging on the internal wardrobe rod complete with a variety of clothes hangers that it’s no surprised it’s a jumbled mess. Our wardrobe systems solve these issues with full hanging rods, half hanging rods and pant hangers. This divides your clothes up so they aren’t clumped together each fighting for space.

Of course getting rid of clothes would also help with you getting organised (donating to the Salvos or Vinnies is a great idea). I read recently that we tend to have 5 times more clothes than our grandparents did so donating clothes or biffing old, stained, old of date clothes will help.

Hanging Up The Wrong Clothes

Many times we see jumpers and sweaters hanging in closets that leave them sagging and stretched when they should be on shelves. A good walk in wardrobe designs caters for optimum storage of clothes, dividing them up so they don’t get damaged, stretched or crumpled.

Simply Bad Wardrobe Design

In most houses, especially new builds, a walk in wardrobe is only treated as a second thought. You get a rod and a shelf. The rod height is almost always too low so its restricting as to what can be stored underneath. Long clothing items and shorter clothing items are at the same height so its a poor use of space. As we have half hanging and full hanging options our rods are installed higher than your average wardrobe install allowing for a more efficient use of the walk in wardrobe’s height overall.

Shoe storage Is Crucial

I have already mentioned shoe storage in a previous blog but it’s so important to the efficiency of your wardrobe. Piles of shoes on the floor make selection a chore but with shoe shelves or carousels you get an uncluttered display solution. The same goes for handbags and boots. The old adage “everything in its place and a place for everything” rings true here and good wardrobe design should offer these types of solutions for your storage issues.

The Dinginess Will Affect You

Time and time again we have found that biggest affect a new walk in wardrobe  has for our customers is they felt much more relaxed choosing outfits and never got tense or stressed because they couldn’t find a valued piece of clothing. It wasn’t the aesthetics or the style but the lack of negativity they previously felt when deciding on what to wear affected their lifestyle the most.

A good well laid out walk in wardrobe that is designed efficiently will do more than organise your clothes, call Leigh Robinson for advice on how to get you clothes truly organised once and for all! Ph: Ph: 0412 525 137

How To Get Rid Of Clothes You Don’t Need

7 Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of NOW!

Before you even think of getting a walk in wardrobe it would be a good idea to cull your clothes first especially if you are overloaded and overwhelmed. For most males this is generally not too much of an issue but for many ladies we have dealt with, it is.

Our web and SEO guy was telling me once that he had a French girlfriend that had a wardrobe full of shoes. There were over 60 pairs of shoes to choose from. Imagine wearing a different pair of shoes for over 2 months.

Alas that’s not how it works and we generally wear only about 20% of our wardrobes regularly. Because Im male and a bit flabbergasted at the problem I have researched the internet and come up with 7 tips that might help you reduce your wardrobe size. (So when you organise a walk in wardrobe installation your life will be doubly easier!!)

My 7 Wardrobe Reduction Tips

  1. Get rid of the duplicates or clones. You don’t need 5 flowery pink numbers, only one. Lay all frocks that are similar and choose your favourite and then discard the rest.
  2. Loose the baggy arse tracky pants and stained t-shirts, ewww! You wouldn’t be seen dead in them in public so there is no need to clutter up your wardrobe with them. Let’s have some standards here please.
  3. The clothes you wore once. Do you really think you’ll wear them again? That’s right, off to the Salvos or some other clothes donation bin.
  4. Anything lying around that you can’t stand. You wore some time ago but the love affair is over. In the bag it goes never to bother your improved tastes again.
  5. The repair pile. Please tell the last time you pulled out cotton and thread or the Bernina? See you can’t be arse, I knew it. Damaged goods have got to go as well.
  6. The indecisive garment choices. You cant make up your mind. They can be biffed as well. Enough said.
  7. Out of fashion – no its not coming back in. Nothing ever comes back in as the original so thats wasting your wardrobe space as well.

Now that you’re incredibly organise and the weight of excess clothing has been lifted I believe you’re ready to discuss a walk in wardrobe install. That wasn’t hard was it?

Call me today – Leigh Robinson – wardrobe expert and charity bin enthusiast! Ph: 0412 525 137

Check out one of our latest installs – this could be yours.

white wardrobe install

Closet or Wardrobe – Which one?

Built In Closet or Walk in Wardrobe?

Recently my SEO expert asked should we be concerned about using the term “closet” as well as walk in wardrobe. We then decided to dive in a find out the differences between the two.

Closet is a very popular term in the USA for a room that we call a walk in in wardrobe. They most often use the term wardrobe as a free standing piece of furniture. This is why we rarely use the term wardrobe as it gets mixed up with the product we are helping customers with and that is a closet or walk in robe system that includes accessories.

Google Ngram

If you Google Ngram (or click here)  you can search common phrases from the past two hundred years and you can determine the difference between American and British use of the words wardrobe and walk in wardrobe. That should keep you occupied for hours:)

I found one compelling reason why the word closet isn’t that popular in British English from the website stack exchange:

“I’d guess that one reason that the word “closet” (in this context) isn’t as common in the UK is that homes here tend not to have closets, possibly because UK homes are, on average, smaller than in the US.”

The contributor goes on to say:

“In the UK when a home does have what in the US would be called a closet, it’s more usually referred to as a “walk-in wardrobe”, or possibly “fitted wardrobe” (although that would more often be more like a cupboard built into the room).”

Just to confuse I’ve also discovered, from the USA, that there is a wardrobe closet. Its a portable wardrobe that will fit inside your walk in wardrobe (riveting stuff eh?). I doubt it would really suit your needs as much as a customised, well planned out walk in wardrobe.

Australia: Closet Or Wardrobe?

The problem with meanings we have here in Australia is our culture is a hybrid of American & British influence and although closet is American to most it is still used in Google searches (about 70% less however). Now the next question is how we use both terms without appearing silly!

Call Leigh Robinson today to discuss your closet requirements. Ph: 0412 525 137

How To Avoid Walk In Wardrobe Mishaps

We all need experts, people who spend their time on one thing and perfect it.

Walk In Wardrobe Experts

Most cabinet makers, wardrobe advisers from Bunnings or maybe your brother in law the builder might know a thing or two about walk in wardrobes. This type of knowledge really only scratches the surface and yes they can supply you with a walk in wardrobe but will it really satisfy your needs.

Imagine getting a walk in wardrobe installed and running out of room for ALL your shoes. Your shoes need to be “display” with specially designed options whether its angle shelving or flat shelving. Maybe the draws don’t suit or there are dead spaces that haven’t been utilised properly. Are your shelves going to be adjustable or fixed?

Wardrobe Planning & Organisation

Your husband might be over 6 foot whilst your under 5 foot this is going to affect the hanging of your clothes. To really sort your issues out you need a module, adaptable system that caters directly for your needs. This type of system is not available to most builders or cabinet makers so you’ll end up getting a result that is far more difficult to install and most likely more expensive.

Did I mention the dead space? The most common dead space in a walk in wardrobe is the very top shelf and the corners. These can be utilised within a walk in wardrobe design but you need to know the best way of implementing the layout/plan and have the accessories to install.

A walk in wardrobe is a once only event so you need to look at everything and try to predict the future. The worst scenario is not having a walk in wardrobe installation that caters to your current needs let alone what might happen later. Although men don’t need as much space from our experience they need a certain amount of attention as well. The outcome must be an organised, orderly wardrobe free of clutter and clothes piles. This is a real walk in wardrobe’s objective.

Call Leigh Robinson today to start planning. Ph: 0412 525 137

Worst Walk In Wardrobe In Melbourne

Hi Great People,

If you are on this post then you’ll be interested in our latest competition.

We are on the look out for Melbourne’s worst walk in wardrobe. The messiest, the weirdest, the biggest walk in wardrobe disaster!!

By posting an image on our Facebook page or Instagram you go in the draw to win a walk in wardrobe installation valued up to $2500.

Check out the T & Cs

1. Only one wardrobe installation prize will be awarded.

2. For the competition to have a winner minimum of 25 entries/posts must be received.

3. A specific walk in wardrobe can only be entered once. 

4. The completion is open to Melbourne residence within a 25kms radius of the CBD and residence in Geelong, The Greater Geelong region and the Surf Coast.

5. This competition only applies to walk in wardrobes.

6. The winner will be chosen by the chaos, mess or weirdness of their walk in wardrobe.

7. The competition is free to enter.

8. If you enter the competition you agree to promo

9. Pictures of the wardrobe install maybe used for promotional purposes.

10. You can enter a family member, relative, work colleague or partner with their permission. 

11. The winner will be announced online is 15 August 2019.

12. The winning wardrobe installation will be based on the existing size of the original image posted. We will work with the winner on the layout and accessory options that will fit into the existing walk in wardrobe space.

13. All images submitted as part of an entry become the property of the Promoter and it is a condition of entry that those images may be used by the Promoter for their own promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without restriction.

14. By entering in this competition you agree to be part of any promotional efforts relating to the competition.

15. If you win the competition you agree to be part of the promotion and marketing efforts that include disclosing you as the winner and participating in video and photography initiatives.

16. This competition will be promoted on Facebook & Instagram and no personal information will be collected. All correspondence will be through private messaging.

The Wardrobe Installation Prize does NOT include the following:

  1. Any alterations or removal of an existing installation.
  2. Structural changes to any walls or floor.
  3. Painting of interior walls or any electrical installation.
  4. The wardrobe installation prize can not be redeemed in cash.
  5. The prize cannot be transferred to another wardrobe or property.
worst walk in wardrobe advert



Walk In Wardrobe Shoe Display

Wardrobes Are An Opportunity To Value Your Clothes & Shoes

As we all know good clothes can be expensive and we all like the idea of looking after our clothes and shoes so they last. They may last longer but we also need to see the value in our clothes especially when deciding what to wear. Its a great idea to “display” your clothes effectively especially shoes and the perceived value will last longer.

Honestly if you display your shoes neatly in one of our shoe storage solutions so they look as they would in a shop your’d be surprised at how they retain their value with you. So much better than a messy pile of shoes or shoe boxes at the bottom of your walk in wardrobe.

Not only that if you own delicate shoes such as seude these will be protected from getting ripped, squashed or crushed

Three Walk In Wardrobe Shoe Options

We have three options available to you. Separate square shoe shelves, a shoe shelve organiser and a shoe carousel.

Not only can you display your shoes but you can see all the shoes you have at all times.

The slanted shoe rack or shelves organises your shoes as they may appear in a shop. The shoe carousel is great for “dead corners” in your walk in wardrobe and is available in a his or hers options. In fact we make our goal to eliminate any wasted space in your walk in wardrobe so you can maximise your storage options. The last shoe storage option is the shoe shelves and this gives you a great way of storing boots, ankle boots, handbags and shoes in a grid and you can have as many as you need.

Storing your shoes will also give you a surprising sense of peace and this always happens when your clothes and shoes are organised in a neat and tidy manner. Your shoe choices, instead of being an anxiety provocateur, will be stress free and enjoyable.

Call Leigh Robinson today to discuss your shoe storage options.

shoe rack shoe carousel shoe shelf


Top Three Wardrobe Accessories


The icing on the cake for any wardrobe installation are those small accessories that add class and function to your wardrobe that help you with your clothing decisions on a daily basis.

Here are out top three accessories:

    1. Wire Baskets:

      Some clothes like jumpers and sweaters don’t do chest of drawers very well but do work with pull out wire trayour wire baskets. These wardrobe wire baskets are great because you can see your clothes and air circulates around them so there is no need for moth balls. The wire baskets also come with an acrylic sheet to stop anything drop from one wire basket to clothes below and leave no wire marks on your clothes.
    2. Shoe storage:

      We have two options for storing your shoes either as shelves or easy access carousels. These are the best organisers available and make finding and choosing your shoes at a glance a simple exercises. The carousel option also comes with a handy shelf to store hand bags or other accessories.
    3. Hanging Clothes Options:

      There are various wardrobe accessories available to hang your clothes such as:
      1.  Pant rank – 13 or 19 pairs options – either straight or carousel versions. 
      2. Valet rod that can hang your dry cleaning or temporary clothes choices.
      3. Pull out/down shirt rank rod – easy access to all your shirts and blouses

      These racks order your clothes perfectly making it easy to store your clothes uncrumpled but also your clothes choices can be made in an instant.

      Many times we see clients shoes piled up in the bottom of their wardrobe or pants, trousers and shirts stored together making it difficult to see clothing items clearly. It’s the simple things that make life easier and ordering and storing your clothes helps you start your day without issues because you can see all your clothes at a glance.

      Call Leigh Robinson for a complete wardrobe accessory catalogue: Ph: 0412 525 137
      valet rod

Walk In Wardrobe: Declutter & Get Organised


Wardrobes Can Be Life Changing

Most people’s homes do not have proper wardrobes that help them organise their clothes and apparel. In fact it’s normally a hanging rail and a top shelf and often an ill fitting chest of drawers. This leads to clutter, lost items and disorganisation. The best scenario would be to have your shirts, skirts, trousers, belts, ties and shoe and not forgetting your jewellery all on display and within easy reach.

This allows you to make outfit decisions quickly and efficiently so you can get on with the more important tasks in your day. It’s stressful looking for clothing or rifling through draws or pulling out a creased shirt. What a terrible start to your day. And then your spouse turns around a tells you to be calm, grrr!

Clutter and disorganisation lead to anxiety

Clutter and disorganisation lead to anxiety not only that it’s a sign of procrastination all because you don’t have a fully operational walk in wardrobe. You have clothes piled up in disarray, clothes you want and clothes you don’t want all mixed together, stuff on the floor and hidden items that you can never remember that they are there. It’s enough to send you straight to the shrink!

Imagine starting your day and after showering the first thing you see is a well organised layout of your clothing in your wardrobe. Your spouse has the same matching belt rack (with a tie rack) clothes baskets, draws, shelves and shoe rack. You can see everything in front of you and a deep feeling of calm prevails. Your outfit decision is quick and your day begins.

After a busy day you’re putting washing away (another tedious activity) but it takes you a few minutes and you’re gone.

The walk in wardrobe has changed your life and made your day!

The first thing you need to do now is call Leigh Robinson and he can go through everything you require, plan the layout and measure up. Consider Leigh to be your wardrobe counsellor, call him now Ph: 0412 525 137

“An organised person puts things away. A disorganised person sets things down.” Anon

reach in wardrobe
Getting Organised!