7 Tips To A Success Wardrobe Plan

Before you even talk to me about your walk in wardrobe you need a wardrobe plan. Here are my five tips on planning your walk in wardrobe before I get my tape measure out:

Your Walk In Wardrobe Plan

  1. Appraise the clothes you have and start culling clothes and shoes you never wear. This gives you a clear start to your plan and helps declutter. The more wardrobe you have, the more costs are involve so its good to be frugal with the amount of clothes you have and the space everything takes up.
  2. Look at your clothing, especially shirts, blouses and coats and start matching up the sizes of everything. If you’re a coat collector you might need more hanging space that some one who is into shirts. Size matters here and its a practical place to start your wardrobe requirement list.
  3. The use of shelves is critical as well and most clothes don’t fold up to be bigger than about 35cms deep. If you do go bigger you might start losing items to the back. Spacing the shelves about 25 cm also helps clothes stop piling up and again it makes everything easy to see and find. This is especially true if you want your shelves to go high.
  4. Use the opportunity to select accessories that suit your clothing. Belt and tie racks are super helpful in storing away odd shape and fussy items. There are many accessories that will add to your space saving mission but also increase the functionality of your wardrobe.
  5. For some, shoes are a biggie. If you have an enormous collection of shoes then a shoe shelf or carousel might be for you. There is nothing worse than losing a shoe and having to crawl around on the floor to find it.
  6. We provide some classy drawer options but drawers may drain your budget if you are on a budget so if you’re happy for your undies and socks to be in baskets then this might be the answer for you.
  7. If space and budget are not a hinderance your wardrobe plan should focus on convenience, function and look. When you walk into your walk in wardrobe how do you want to feel? Elegant, conservative, fashiony, abundant, rich, opulent?

Once you have made the strategic decisions about your walk in wardrobe we can start the next phase of your place with a measure up and quote. I can also advise you on many of the practicalities of the install.

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7 Interior Designer Tips For Walk In Wardrobes

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Interior Designers Know Their Space

Over the years we have dealt with many interior designers who are superb at understanding how best to use space effectively both for beauty and functionality. Here are their top seven tips for a walk in wardrobe.

  1. Natural Light – Try and have a natural light source near or in your walk in wardrobe. Fake light such as LEDs don’t tend to give you a good indication of your clothing choices. If you cant get access to natural light make sure your light source is warm.
  2. Sanctuary – a great walk in wardrobe needs to be a quiet sanctuary where every thing is neat and there is a sense of order.
  3. Occasional. there needs to be an area where you can place items at the end of a long day. It could be items place on a drawer unit or on a special chair that you place clothing that you might wear again. It’s a temporary storage space that allows you to quickly change, reuse items or store things like wallets, purses or items to be use regularly.
  4. Be inspiring. The wardrobe should appointed like any other room . It’s not just for storage. You need to be inspired by your clothes so you can enjoy the experience of choosing and dressing. All your clothes neatly storage but visible should make you feel good. You could even hang artwork or decorate with ornaments if you have the room.
  5. The Floor! Having a walk in wardrobe is a luxury for most so make sure the floor is part of your experience. Lush, soft carpet is the way to go.0
  6. Visual tricks. You can make your wardrobe feel visually bigger by using mirrors or warmer by adding a rug or upholstered item.
  7. Utilise the space. Even if you only have a small area to deal with make sure you utilise the space as effectively as t=you can from floor to ceiling. Your’d be surprised at how much you can store and how elegant it can look.

We can help you with the shelves, storage areas, drawers and wardrobe accessories and we can even work closely with your interior designer. All it requires is your input. Call Leigh Robinson right now for a free measure and quote. Ph: 0412 525 137

Most Popular Accessories


Accessories Maketh A Walk In Wardrobe

If you check out our wardrobe accessories page you will see the following items listed with pictures.

Top Mount Bracket
Wire Basket Polished Chrome
Baskets Mats
Shoe Organizer/ Acrylic Dividers
Spiral Clothes Rack
Shoe Organizer 4 Shelf Women’s
Pullout Jewellery Drawer
Shoe Organizer 4 Shelf Mens
Valet Rod
Trouser Organizer Pivot Out
Pant Organizer with Movable Fingers
Tie & Scarf Organiser
Belt & Tie Organiser
Belt Organiser
Hanging Rail
Pull Out Ironing Board
Hamper Door Mounted Tilt-Out Basket
Pull Out Mirror

Wardrobe Accessories That Match

The most compelling difference between what we have on offer compared to most cabinet makers or wardrobe installers is our line of walk in wardrobe accessories. We specialised in walk in wardrobes so it’s important that we have every convenience covered in our installations. These need to match as well so if you’re thinking of organising your clothes more effectively you can include as many of these accessories that suit your installation and personal requirements.

Our most popular accessories are the wire baskets, double hangers, hand bag shelves and shoe organisers.

The wire baskets are great because you can see the clothes you have stored. There also will never be that moth ball issue or your clothes smelling musty because the air circulates well around the wire baskets.

Shoes are such a weird shape and difficult to store easily. With our shoe carousels and shoe shelves you can see your shoes and store them easily. This also helps look after your shoes as they won’t get crushed or scraped at the bottom of your existing wardrobe.

I don’t mention the hanging options much but with our hanging systems you can look after clothes so they don’t crease, select them easily and save an enormous amount of space by simply using the double hanging option and the speciality pant hangers.

I can’t find any other supplier in Geelong or on the BellarineSurf Coast that has as larger and more dedicated walk in wardrobe accessory range as we have. It’s worth looking at exactly what you need for your walk in wardrobe, checking out the accessories and getting more appropriate installation to suit your needs. Get the job done properly in the first place and you’ll never have to revisit. Let me know how I can help with your walk in wardrobe by call me TODAY! Leigh Robinson Ph: 0412 525 137