Frequently Asked Questions

The Installation

Removal of existing wardrobe: We often are replacing an existing wardrobe and this needs to be dismantle before our work can begin. This includes patching the wall and painting. This can be done by you or you may need to hire a general handyman.

Remove your personal items: We need a clear space in which to install your wardrobe so all personal effects and clothes need to be removed before we start any installation. Including pets!

We need to clear access: We will need clear driveway success to your home or access to a service lift if you live in an apartment.

Walk In Wardrobe

All of our panels are 420mm deep, with the exception of the hutch unit which extends from 420mm to 538mm in the lower half of the unit.

Our Service

Check out the installation gallery and the accessory pages on this website to get you started. When we do a measure up we can go through the various options available to you that suits your budget.