7 Signs You Need A Walk In Wardrobe

7 Frustrating Signs You Need A New Walk In Wardrobe

We all know that a walk in wardrobe is a great way of storing and choosing clothes to wear but if you have the space but no organisation it can get a bit frustrating.

Here is a list taken from various client interviews that detail their frustrations with their old walk in wardrobe.

Wardrobe Problem #1: Under utilised space above and below your hanging rod.

Most walk in wardrobes have a top shelf and a hanging rod so there is a ton of wasted space above the shelf and below the clothes. This is a quick solution provided by home builders but very annoying for the home owner. The top shelf means storing items on top of each other and not using the space between the stored items and ceiling – wasted space. Everyone has shirts, jackets or blouses (medium hanging) and evening wear (full hanging) but normally you only have full hanging so again underutilising the space from the floor to the hanging items.

walk in wardrobe before shot

Wardrobe Solution #1: Eliminating the dead space surrounding your single hanging rod

The solution here is to have a variety of hanging option, medium, double and full length. Also eliminate the idea of a top shelf altogether. The ultimate solution is to have a wardrobe plan treating the blank space as a canvas to choose the layout that will suit your needs with the restrictions of the available surface area.

Wardrobe Problem #2: The dreaded dear corners

Dead corners are an issue in most of the wardrobe layouts we come across and are simply a wasted storage opportunity. You already have limited space so its best to have a few solutions to combat this common wardrobe problem.

Wardrobe Solution #2: No more dead corners in your wardrobe with clever designs elements.

The answer is clever hanging options, shoe carousels or corner shelves as you can see in the examples below:

Wardrobe Problem #3: Shoe Clutter – can’t find a pair.

Shoes as well as hand bags are difficult to store without having a wardrobe design specifically for these items. Whether you’re male or female its frustrating having a pile of shoes and complete disaster if you lose a one of a pair. Plus if they are piled up or boxed its difficult to make a quick choice to match your chosen outfit.

Wardrobe Solution #3: Efficiently organising your shoes with a wardrobe shoe storage system.

We have a number of storage options for shoes and handbags. These could be acrylic divider shelves perfect for hand bags and boots or angled shelving with rails so your shoes are fully displayed or shoe carousels storing your shoes with easy access.

Wardrobe Problem #4: Your partner is messy and doesn’t care.

Without being sexist most males are not that fussy when it comes to storing clothes – the corner floor of a wardrobe is an easy option. To counter a messy partner or to “train” them with clothe storage its best to make it obvious and simple.

Wardrobe Solution #4: Taming your sloppy partner with a real walk in wardrobe.

If there is a place for everything and everything in its place then your messy partner will most likely bend towards being less sloppy with their clothes. If they see in an instance how it works and how easy it is to find or store clothes they your battle has been one.

Wardrobe Problem #5: Limited adjustment to suit your wardrobe needs

Most wardrobes offer you little choice with changing the layout around and this is understandable as its structurally limited and fixed most of the time.

Wardrobe Solution #5: Adjustable shelves

The magic of our walk in wardrobe system is shelves that you can adjust. If you have plenty of shelving in your design then this can give you plenty of options.

Wardrobe Problem #6: Your walk in wardrobe is an awkward shape and other issues.

Our walk in wardrobes are custom designed and we have come across the most challenging situations with either odd shaped rooms, small hallway type scenarios or even filling a large room.

Wardrobe Solution #6: Flexible wardrobe items custom designed to suit your situation.

The beauty of our wall hung system is it allows plenty of design and storage flexibility that can suit most areas available. We can discuss your needs and draw up plans to show you how your new wardrobe layout will work within your home. You may think the space you have is limited but with our experience will surprise you with how much useful storage can be achieved.

Wardrobe Problem #7: An ugly disorganised mess

How long have you put up with mess or piles of clothes or lost shoes. This would be an everyday thing driving you mad. A poorly designed wardrobes makes it difficult to select an outfit but more importantly the inability to easily store fresh washing or fold clothes neatly that stay that way. How many times have you lost a shoe?

messy wardrobe

Wardrobe Solution. #7: Tidy wardrobe, settled mind!

A tidy, well laid out wardrobe, no matter what the size, is good for your sanity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re picky about what you wear or you are looking for ease and convenience. You want your daily routineĀ  and the start of your day to be unencumbered and a breeze.

Don’t be put up with a top shelf and rail any longer. You deserve a great walk in wardrobe and we can help you go through the process from a free quote and design through to installation.

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