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Torquay Walk In Wardrobe Installation

Walk In Wardrobe Referral The best part of our business is when we receive referrals and/or orders from friends of satisfied customers. This happened recently where a great client of ours from a place called Jan Juc showed her bestie her new walk in wardrobe installation. Her best friend (who lived in Torquay) had ordered … Read more

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7 Tips To A Success Wardrobe Plan

Before you even talk to me about your walk in wardrobe you need a wardrobe plan. Here are my five tips on planning your walk in wardrobe before I get my tape measure out: Your Walk In Wardrobe Plan Appraise the clothes you have and start culling clothes and shoes you never wear. This gives … Read more

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7 Interior Designer Tips For Walk In Wardrobes

Interior Designers Know Their Space Over the years we have dealt with many interior designers who are superb at understanding how best to use space effectively both for beauty and functionality. Here are their top seven tips for a walk in wardrobe. Natural Light – Try and have a natural light source near or in … Read more

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Most Popular Accessories

Accessories Maketh A Walk In Wardrobe If you check out our wardrobe accessories page you will see the following items listed with pictures. Top Mount Bracket Wire Basket Polished Chrome Baskets Mats Shoe Organizer/ Acrylic Dividers Spiral Clothes Rack Shoe Organizer 4 Shelf Women’s Pullout Jewellery Drawer Shoe Organizer 4 Shelf Mens Valet Rod Trouser … Read more

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7 Power Tips For Smaller Walk In Wardrobes Pt #2

How To Get The Most From A Narrow Walk In Wardrobe So far we have mentioned getting drawers or a tall boy installed and making sure the layout works now we move on to more tips to utilising your small space more effectively. Hanging Clothes 3. Most walk in wardrobes have one hanging rod which … Read more


7 Power Tips For Smaller Walk In Wardrobes Pt #1

How To Squeeze More Space Out Of A Small Walk In Wardrobe Most of us don’t have huge walk in wardrobe unless you have just built a new home and took advantage during the design process. In fact entering to most walk in wardrobes immediately makes us feel like dieting. Our walk in wardrobe consists … Read more


Why Use A Walk In Wardrobe Expert?

The Walk In Wardrobe Experts There is nothing better than an expert eh? Someone who delves into something regularly, all day , everyday. When it comes to walk in wardrobes and anything associated with a walk in wardrobe that’s what we do. Often our so called competition might be a builder but they aren’t really … Read more

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5 Walk In Wardrobe Design Tips

Poorly Designed Or No Design Wardrobes Every week we come across bad walk in wardrobe design or even none existing wardrobe design and more cheap and cheerful wardrobe frames with rods, piles of shoes and shoe boxes and other baskets of clothes. We also see missed-matched draws on wheels that never seem to hold enough … Read more

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How To Get Rid Of Clothes You Don’t Need

7 Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of NOW! Before you even think of getting a walk in wardrobe it would be a good idea to cull your clothes first especially if you are overloaded and overwhelmed. For most males this is generally not too much of an issue but for many ladies we … Read more


Closet or Wardrobe – Which one?

Built In Closet or Walk in Wardrobe? Recently my SEO expert asked should we be concerned about using the term “closet” as well as walk in wardrobe. We then decided to dive in a find out the differences between the two. Closet is a very popular term in the USA for a room that we … Read more