5 Walk In Wardrobe Mistakes To Avoid

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5 Walk In Wardrobe Mistakes To Avoid Today

Occasionally we come across an old wardrobe design that needs dismantling and a new one installed. In most cases there are some design mistakes that could have been avoided. Here are seven mistakes you DON’T want with your new walk in wardrobe installation.

MISTAKE No#1 – Watch Out For The Drawers

We have seen walk in wardrobe installations where the drawers can’t open properly because not enough room has been allowed in a cramped space. Most interior designers (including us) will tell you to make the drawers front and centre of your design with shelving and hanging options to the side. This will allow full access to the drawers.

Mistake #2 – Looking Out For Your Shoes

Most walk in wardrobes have shoes piled at the bottom of the wardrobe underneath the hanging areas making it almost impossible to casually and easily choose a pair of shoes at a glance. Bring the shoes up to your eye line with appropriate shelving so they aren’t buried. Another design trick is having your shoe shelving choices closer to the door way as your shoes are normally the first thing you take off when entering your walk in wardrobe.

Mistake #3 – Not Designing At All

How you choose your clothing and where its stored in your wardrobe is important. It’s not just a storage space. Work out a flow or design that suits the way you choose your clothes making it look orderly but also having a practical side to it. If you wear a uniform to work then have them easily on hand so you can pick them out without a second thought and maybe in a hurry. The same goes for your shoes, the most popular shoes are easily sort without hesitation. Remember your walk in wardrobe will be around for a long time so its a good idea to take the time to design the layout for your needs rather than treat it like a storage cupboard.

Mistake No#4 – Not Culling – No Hoarding Please.

Before you engage a walk in wardrobe expert try and cull the collection. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear, donate unwanted shoes and make sure your partner does the same. A new walk in wardrobe is a fresh start and what better time to get rid of clothing that hasn’t see the light of day in years. You could make rules for yourself such as: “If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a year it goes to the charity bin!” This will help with a leaner, less cluttered result. Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind!

Mistake No#5 – In With The New, Out With The Old

It’s a good idea for you to organise a carpenter or handyman to come in and remove old shelving and previous outdated wardrobe components. You don’t need to spend too much on this and could possibly do it yourself. Our installers are fully qualified and would charge way too much for this kind of work as it’s not really their focus. High end wardrobe installation is our specialty so prepare the wardrobe space with a local supplier and allow for this with regards to booking in an installation. Stuff has to be remove, plaster and paint has to dry!

If you don’t select us as your supplier that’s fine but be selective and discerning with your choices. Ask these type questions:

– What is the quality of the shelving and are they adjustable?
– How will corners be treated?
– We have an air vent and powerpoint – what happens with these?
– I have hand bags and boots and other clothing items – how will they be managed?
– I struggling to reach things – what are my options?
– Tell me how to maximise my hanging options?

A successful wardrobe install requires knowledge and our man on the ground is Leigh Robinson who has helped installed hundreds of walk in wardrobes over the years. Call him today to avoid the classic wardrobe mistakes mentioned here. Ph: 0412 525 137