New Geelong Wardrobe Install

Installation In A New Home In Fyansford – Geelong

We have been installing custom walk in wardrobes in Geelong and greater Geelong for many years now and nothing is more exciting than dealing with a brand new property. This property was a boutique build where walk in wardrobes were included in every bedroom as part of the overall design.

This is a brilliant idea as it allows each room to have the convenience of a smaller walk in wardrobe that flows beautifully with the design of the home. The walk in wardrobes are alcoves and don’t look awkward or appear to take up any space within the bedroom allowing the bedrooms to look spacious.

Anyone designing a new home should consider this option as many boutique builders allow their plans to be altered to suit. Image moving into your new home with walk in wardrobes ready to go!

Highlights From These Walk In Wardrobe Installations

  • 3 bedrooms included a walk in wardrobe installation.
  • A beautiful wood grain finish was chosen to compliment the rest of the colours in the home.
  • The master bedroom was a U shaped design maximising the space available so was slightly larger than the two other bedrooms which were an L-shaped design.
  • Each install included full hanging, 3/4 hanging and double hanging options.
  • The master bedroom included a 5 – drawer hutch unit to the floor where as the other two bedrooms have a four drawer bank installed.
  • One thing to note with the drawer banks is they are fully accessible (open fully) and have a soft close feature
  • All shelving units are adjustable to suit across the three walk in wardrobe installations.
  • The master bedroom wardrobe included a pant rank, jewellery drawer insert and valet rod as requested accessories.
  • Generally the wardrobes are wall hung and off the floor allowing them to be easily vacuumed or used as a secondary storage space. Wall hung designs are off more cost effective than wardrobes that are designed to sit on the floor.

The interesting point to note about these installations is they accomodate smaller rooms. Having a walk in wardrobe installed doesn’t mean you need a massive place to start with. Of course the more room you have the more feature and storage options you can include but you definitely don’t need a mansion.

If you are at the building stage of your home consider allowing for a walk in wardrobe for each bedroom. You’ll appreciate it for years to come. Leigh Robinson has years of experience with walk in wardrobes so contact him today for help.

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...