7 Power Tips For Smaller Walk In Wardrobes Pt #1

How To Squeeze More Space Out Of A Small Walk In Wardrobe

Most of us don’t have huge walk in wardrobe unless you have just built a new home and took advantage during the design process. In fact entering to most walk in wardrobes immediately makes us feel like dieting.

Our walk in wardrobe consists of a lonely top shelf and rail. The clothes almost spew our the shelf and the bottom of the wardrobe is a dark cavern where anything can be lurking. The rack of clothes resembles an op-shop jumble sale with a variety of tops and pants protruding at awkward angles. Its hard to make any fashion statement with this type of mess and you have to face it every morning.

Is your walk in wardrobe a narrow rectangle or small cube? Let’s now press on a find out 7 ways we can improve your walk in wardrobe and maybe your daily morning routines as well.

Draws or Tall-Boys Are Key

1. Most narrow or small walk in wardrobes have no drawers. Drawers are the queen of neatness in a wardrobe and can hold up 2.5 more things than hanging clothes up. There you go more saved spaced right there.

As I mentioned draws make everything look tidy and organised that will help your OCD and anxiety plus it will help look after your clothes.

Don’t forget instead of wooden drawers you can get wire baskets so you can see the drawers contents at a glance.

Often times these drawers are called tall boys and can include shelves for hand bags, shoes or extra blankets.

Drawers will add a touch of elegance to your walk in wardrobe and give you a sense of peace. That’s got to be good when you are about to dress and start your incredibly busy and stressful day eh?

Design & Layout

2. Your wardrobe design, especially when its small or narrow should consist of a hanging area to one side and shelves and drawers on the other. Or you could put the draws in the centre facing you, hangers to one side on the left  and narrow shelves to the right. This will be the best use of the space available and won’t look so cluttered and disorganised.

In the next blog we go through more space saving tips to getting your small or narrow walk in wardrobe sorted. Talk to Leigh Robinson (Mr Space Maximiser) to go through your requirements if you’re tight for space.  Ph: 0412 525 137