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Walk In Wardrobes Advanced Design Ideas

By Leigh Robinson / July 30, 2021

Designing The Perfect Walk In Wardrobe When considering a walk in wardrobe is a great idea to treat the experience as more than just installing a storage area for clothes. If you have the time, budget and room you can create a wonderful area that affects you on a daily basis. Here are our 5 … Read more

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5 x Walk In Wardrobe Design Mistakes

By Leigh Robinson / June 22, 2021

5 x Walk In Wardrobe Design Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them Walk in wardrobes are an asset to your the value of your home and your daily life. It’s a good idea then to pay attention to your current and future walk in wardrobe requirements with a savvy eye. Yes without being smart … Read more

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Walk In Wardrobe Enemies

By Leigh Robinson / January 29, 2021

5 Things To Watch Out For With A Walk In Wardrobe Installation If you are reading this then you will probably guess that we are walk in wardrobe experts. If you think that you are, of course, right on the mark. Regardless of whether you choose us or one of our great competitors here are … Read more

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West Geelong Wardrobe Install

By Leigh Robinson / December 10, 2020

Walk In Wardrobe Installation – 3 Metres This week we have installed a walk in wardrobe that extended to 3 metres high (10ft) in West Geelong. The client had a vintage home with 14 foot ceilings and wanted to capitalise on the amount of space that presented. There were two areas that we installed walk … Read more

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Point Lonsdale Wardrobe Install

By Leigh Robinson / October 21, 2020

A Mirror Image Walk In Wardrobe Point Lonsdale is a pretty coastal township on the south eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsular right next door to Queenscliff. This is where we installed a “mirrored” walk in wardrobe. As you look into the walk in wardrobe you can see Leigh Robinson just before doing a final … Read more

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Lara Walk In Wardrobe Installation

By Leigh Robinson / September 18, 2020

Popular Walk In Wardrobes Most of our installation work is utilising existing space this example in Lara shows how we maximised the storage area effectively. The room size was   1800mm x 2300mm. It turned out we had installed bifolds doors for this lady twenty years ago and here we were revamping her walk in wardrobe. … Read more

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Grovedale Walk In Wardrobe

By Leigh Robinson / August 25, 2020

Walk In Wardrobe Installed In Grovedale Townhouse We have installed walk in wardrobes in a few townhouses that were lucky enough to have a small area for this type of install. As per usual this small wardrobe areas contained was a high shelf and a hanging rail. The most important thing for our client was … Read more

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Geelong Walk In Wardrobe

By Leigh Robinson / June 22, 2020

Amazing Walk In Wardrobe Installation in Newtown Many of our walk in wardrobe installations are local and we are extremely proud of this installation in Newtown, Geelong. Often our wardrobe installations work seamlessly with new homes because designers are allowing the space for walk in wardrobes. Newtown is an older suburb of Geelong and there … Read more

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werribee gallery wardrobe installation

Werribee Wardrobe Installation

By Leigh Robinson / May 5, 2020

Werribee: Two Walk in Wardrobes Installed We recently installed a walk in wardrobe (for her)   and a smaller gallery wardrobe (for him) in Werribee, Victoria.   This home was a new build and the owners had the opportunity to choose the layout of their home with two wardrobe areas. The home was a beautiful  … Read more

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Walk In Wardrobe: 10 Reasons To Get One!

By Leigh Robinson / February 20, 2020

Top Ten Reasons To Get A Walk In Wardrobe. Selecting clothes to wear or even storing clothes can be stressful but this can be changed around completely by installing a walk in wardrobe. Here’s the how and why: A Great Way To Start Your Day. If you start your day organised and without hassle especially … Read more

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