Werribee Wardrobe Installation

werribee gallery wardrobe installation

Werribee: Two Walk in Wardrobes Installed

We recently installed a walk in wardrobe (for her)

werribee walk in wardrobe


and a smaller gallery wardrobe (for him) in Werribee, Victoria.

werribee gallery wardrobe installation


This home was a new build and the owners had the opportunity to choose the layout of their home with two wardrobe areas. The home was a beautiful  Porter Davis design.

The wardrobe areas weren’t huge but large enough to accommodate two different styles of walk in wardrobes installed. Check out the full install in the gallery here.

Leigh measured the room and ask the client the features they wished to have in the wardrobes. Most people ask for shelves, drawers and shoe racks as well as wire baskets and pant racks and few accessories such as a valet rod and tie rack. Another important consideration is hanging clothes whether you need a full hanging area for long dresses or a half hanging area for shirts. We added a jewellery draw to this walk in wardrobe installation.

Leigh takes all this into consideration when designing a layout. He then presents a layout plan utilising 100% of the area available. There are no dead corners or awkward areas that are of little use.

What A Builder Will Give Verses What You Need

This is a big difference compared to what a builder will give you – a top shelf and hanging rod. With this installation the client knew what they wanted so ask the builder to leave the walk in wardrobes empty ready for their customised installation.

The installer then arrives with all the shelving pre-cut and the accessories and usually takes about three hours or half a day depending on the size of the installation to install the walk in wardrobe.

The wardrobe is then ready to be used straight away. When you are buying a home it’s a great idea to buy with “selling in mind” even though selling the home is the last thing on your agenda. (you never know what the future holds).

Installing a walk in wardrobe adds value to your home right from the start especially with a new build like this installation. If you live in a suburb with similar housing and you were to sell in the future, your home will stand out with a customise walk in wardrobe.

Make your life easy as well as adding value to your property investment with your own unique walk in wardrobe.