How To Design A Walk In Wardrobe

How To Design Your Walk In Wardrobe – Where Do You Start?

The way you start working out your walk in wardrobe from the beginning is looking at the size of the room you have. In a “normal” sized home you often don’t have the luxury of a vast space to fill but rather about a quarter of a small bedroom. This means a U-shaped configuration or an L-shaped layout.

The trick here is to allow 800mm or the size of an average door to walk into the wardrobe to access the contents. Almost immediately this will determine what you can do with the space you have.

The three images below show you a U-shaped, L-shaped and a larger room enabling plenty of wardrobe choices but this is quite rare.

U-shaped wardrobe
U-shaped Wardrobe
L-shaped Wardrobe
Larger Wardrobe Layout
Larger Wardrobe Layout

Your Walk In Wardrobe Layout

This is a start for you before Leigh Robinson comes to measure up. The first thing Leigh will discuss with you are your storage needs and go through examples of other walk in wardrobes.

If you choose a drawer bank with 4 or 5 drawers then this is usually the starting point for most smaller walk in wardrobes. The rest of your wardrobe choices surround the drawer bank based on functionality and storage requirements.

This depends on whether folded clothes shelves and shoes are your focus or hanging clothes options or an equal blend of both. There are plenty of choices here with three hanging options double, single and full length hanging. With folded items and shoes we also have options to allow you to choose different shelves and shelf heights. In fact all our shelving options have height adjustments.

Walk In Wardrobe Plans & Elevations

Once you have decided on your wardrobe layout plans are drawn up and sent to you showing top and front elevations. Not forgetting choosing the wardrobe finish from our colour swatches or just deciding on the popular white finish.

Leigh would have also shown you accessories such as a jewellery tray for your drawer bank, valet rod, shoe storage options and much more to help with the functionality of your new walk in wardrobe.

Once you have approved everything a 50% deposit is required and your walk in wardrobe goes into production and an installation date is secured. It normally takes a few hours to install your wardrobe but this of course will depend on the size.

It doesn’t take much to get your wardrobe organised to suit your needs and Leigh is there to guide you. Check out the accessories and other installations here – to get the ball rolling.

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