Torquay & Ocean Grove Installs

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Installing Walk In Wardrobes Across The Bellarine

For those of you who don’t know the Bellarine Peninsular is a fast growing area just outside of Geelong that includes the Surf Coast. The areas are popular holiday destination but are now bustling towns with new sub division going up yearly.

The Bellarine Peninsular includes towns such as Leopold, Curlewis, Portarlington, Indented Heads, Point Lonsdale, St Leonards and Queenscliff it then leads on to Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. Just around the corner and few kilometres further on is Torquay and Jan Juc. The reason why I mention these is because we have installed walk in wardrobes in nearly all of these towns.

The walk in wardrobes we install are not massive and the average size of the existing room is about 2.5metres x 1.8metres. This size room will allow one drawer bank (or two maximum), Full, double or 3/4 hanging options a couple of shoe racks/shelves and storage shelves with the average cost amounting to about $3000. This of course depends on the accessories such as pant racks, acrylic dividers, wire baskets and other accessory that you find here.

People often ask for prices or quotes over the phone but its a challenge to do this without taking into consideration the choices that need to made and the restrictions of the room size.

Ocean Grove & Torquay Installations

Most of the installs we do in Ocean Grove and Torquay for example are moderately small utilising an existing walk in wardrobe that hasn’t been looked at for 20 years or more. The kids have left home and the wife has decided that the old walk in wardrobe is not good enough. This is about 90% of the situations I see around these areas. It’s fair to say that about 80% of the walk in wardrobe is for the wife and about 20% is for the husband.

The homes are usually weatherboard and the walk in existing wardrobes are usually a top shelf with complimentary dead corners. It’s a good opportunity for the home owner to take out the old wardrobe and paint the room. With the newly painted room and flash new walk in wardrobe its life changing both visually and as a functioning utility.

The most common finish is white as the colourful clothes cover the wardrobe hanging areas and shelving and is the cheaper option although we have installed many woodgrain finished walk in wardrobes.

It’s easy for us to measure, quote, deliver and install on the Bellarine Peninsular and along the Surf Coast as we have done over the past. 9 months – yes it’s been busy.

Call Leigh Robinson today for a free measure , quote and drawings so you can see how your new walk in wardrobe will be laid out.