Top 7# Critical Wardrobe Questions

Top 7# Critical Walk In Wardrobe Questions Answered

Your clothes are in disarray and disorganised and as its the beginning of a new year!  Time to act and get a walk in wardrobe that will suit your needs and your partners. (Maybe just you and he will just do as he’s told!)

Where do you start? Do you know what is best for the space you have? What are your hanging, drawer and shelf options? How will it all work?

Ah the mind boggles. Well pour another chardonnay we have a few questions to ask you…

Question #1 – How Much Do You Have To Spend?

The first question has stopped you dead in your tracks. I understand But if your budget will cover a Mazda but your tastes are Ferrari there may be some conflict here.

Can you afford $3000 or $15,000? Get clear on a reasonable budget limit so you don’t get any nasty financial surprises.

Question #2 – Have You Done A Clear Out?

Have you pruned your collections. Donated last years fashion. Culled the clothes you n longer wish to wear. This is a great idea to do as most people have about a quarter of their wardrobe that they can clear.

This is so you can see what you have that you like and your new walk in wardrobe wont be over flowing from the start.

messy wardrobe

Question #3 – Are You Looking At Your Needs Pragmatically?

How many drawers, hanging areas and shelves do you need? Hanging areas are cost effective whereas drawers are more expensive but hold more.

Work out what is best to hang, shelve or store in a drawer. Maybe this is a good time to quietly consult your partner and what they might need.

This wardrobe malarky requires a substantial amount of organisation to get your needs fulfilled so its done right first time.

Question #5 – What Are Space Saving tricks We Can Use?

Our best space saving tricks are double hanging and using the dead corners. Most wardrobes have single, full length hanging only but that does suits, pants and blouses.

Many existing wardrobes also have dead space but we have a range of design solutions to eliminate that with either extra shelves or hanging.

Question #6 – Do I Get A Wall Hung Or Floor Based?

A wall hung wardrobe will be cheaper than a floor based wardrobe as a wall hung closet uses less material.

The jury is out as to which is the best and really comes down to design preferences.

We recommend a wall hung system as it retains your existing carpet, its easy to vacuum and as I mentioned it cost less in materials and installation.

Question #7 Are Accessories A Waste Or A Gift?

We are very conscious of price so we only recommend accessories that are really useful and help you best utilise the space and clothes you have. Things like shoe racks are great because selecting shoes is so easy.

Pant ranks are another example where your trousers take up little room but are easy to select.

trouser hanger

Find out more about our accessories here:

At the end of the day a well layout walk in wardrobe can only make your life easier and your partner will benefit as well. There we go we just added to your amazing relationship.

Call Leigh Robinson today, he’s the guy that measures and quotes and has been in and out of wardrobes for over 50 years!

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...