How To Get Rid Of Clothes You Don’t Need

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7 Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of NOW!

Before you even think of getting a walk in wardrobe it would be a good idea to cull your clothes first especially if you are overloaded and overwhelmed. For most males this is generally not too much of an issue but for many ladies we have dealt with, it is.

Our web and SEO guy was telling me once that he had a French girlfriend that had a wardrobe full of shoes. There were over 60 pairs of shoes to choose from. Imagine wearing a different pair of shoes for over 2 months.

Alas that’s not how it works and we generally wear only about 20% of our wardrobes regularly. Because Im male and a bit flabbergasted at the problem I have researched the internet and come up with 7 tips that might help you reduce your wardrobe size. (So when you organise a walk in wardrobe installation your life will be doubly easier!!)

My 7 Wardrobe Reduction Tips

  1. Get rid of the duplicates or clones. You don’t need 5 flowery pink numbers, only one. Lay all frocks that are similar and choose your favourite and then discard the rest.
  2. Loose the baggy arse tracky pants and stained t-shirts, ewww! You wouldn’t be seen dead in them in public so there is no need to clutter up your wardrobe with them. Let’s have some standards here please.
  3. The clothes you wore once. Do you really think you’ll wear them again? That’s right, off to the Salvos or some other clothes donation bin.
  4. Anything lying around that you can’t stand. You wore some time ago but the love affair is over. In the bag it goes never to bother your improved tastes again.
  5. The repair pile. Please tell the last time you pulled out cotton and thread or the Bernina? See you can’t be arse, I knew it. Damaged goods have got to go as well.
  6. The indecisive garment choices. You cant make up your mind. They can be biffed as well. Enough said.
  7. Out of fashion – no its not coming back in. Nothing ever comes back in as the original so thats wasting your wardrobe space as well.

Now that you’re incredibly organise and the weight of excess clothing has been lifted I believe you’re ready to discuss a walk in wardrobe install. That wasn’t hard was it?

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Closet or Wardrobe – Which one?

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Built In Closet or Walk in Wardrobe?

Recently my SEO expert asked should we be concerned about using the term “closet” as well as walk in wardrobe. We then decided to dive in a find out the differences between the two.

Closet is a very popular term in the USA for a room that we call a walk in in wardrobe. They most often use the term wardrobe as a free standing piece of furniture. This is why we rarely use the term wardrobe as it gets mixed up with the product we are helping customers with and that is a closet or walk in robe system that includes accessories.

Google Ngram

If you Google Ngram (or click here)  you can search common phrases from the past two hundred years and you can determine the difference between American and British use of the words wardrobe and walk in wardrobe. That should keep you occupied for hours:)

I found one compelling reason why the word closet isn’t that popular in British English from the website stack exchange:

“I’d guess that one reason that the word “closet” (in this context) isn’t as common in the UK is that homes here tend not to have closets, possibly because UK homes are, on average, smaller than in the US.”

The contributor goes on to say:

“In the UK when a home does have what in the US would be called a closet, it’s more usually referred to as a “walk-in wardrobe”, or possibly “fitted wardrobe” (although that would more often be more like a cupboard built into the room).”

Just to confuse I’ve also discovered, from the USA, that there is a wardrobe closet. Its a portable wardrobe that will fit inside your walk in wardrobe (riveting stuff eh?). I doubt it would really suit your needs as much as a customised, well planned out walk in wardrobe.

Australia: Closet Or Wardrobe?

The problem with meanings we have here in Australia is our culture is a hybrid of American & British influence and although closet is American to most it is still used in Google searches (about 70% less however). Now the next question is how we use both terms without appearing silly!

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