Get Your Walk In Wardrobe Looking Great!

walk in weardrobe

7 Design Tips To Get Your Walk In Wardrobe Looking Amazing!

Getting a walk in wardrobe looking amazing is not that difficult if you know how. If you’ve never really paid much heed to design and layout this is a great way to start so when it comes to looking at you wardrobe install you have a few helpful clues.

Here are our seven tips on not only getting a functional walk in wardrobe but one that looks great as well.

  1. Don’t just think of your walk in wardrobe layout as storage for clothes and thats it. Look at the flow of the room and how you imagine you will choose your outfit and shoes. Most clients use a bank of drawers with a mirror as a central point and have their hanging clothes to the left and shelving to the right. This of course is entirely up to you but from a design perspective think about what you want to see as soon as you walk into your wardrobe.
  2. Many times wardrobes of poor design have dead corners. Our walk in wardrobes don’t. We have different ways of utilising dead corners with shelving, hanging or shoe storage options. The design trick here is never have hanging clothes meeting hanging clothes. It looks messy and cluttered. Hanging clothes meeting shelves is a fair better option both for look and functionality.
  3. If you have chosen to install a bank of drawers choose a deeper drawer as this looks better and of course you can fit more in. Thinner draws are not as practical.
  4. Staying with the drawers make sure your drawer section height is tall as it adds volume and visual interest to your walk in wardrobe. Often times it breaks up the design as well so its not a barrage of all hanging areas or shelving.
  5. Utilising all the space no matter if you have a large or small room. You will be surprised how much you can fit into a wardrobe area if you introduce multiple hanging options and adjustable shelves.
  6. The right clothes in the right area. Don’t just hang everything on coat hangers and be done. Check out a pants rack or a tie rack for specific purposes. Learn the neatest way of folding clothes also helps. Check out youtube clips for this. You may already know this of course but I can’t remember anyone showing me how to fold clothes like they do in a retail shop. I can almost guarantee this will release a happy, content feeling if your clothes are folding neatly, items are hung correctly; a place for everything and everything in its place.
  7. Don’t ignore your shoes. They should be display properly on shoe shelving for smaller areas or with slanted shelving for larger walk in wardrobes. If you have plenty of boots consider acrylic dividers so they can be stored neatly.

Remember your walk in wardrobe can be customised to suit your needs directly. You know that feeling when you lose your keys and just can’t seem to find them anywhere? You don’t want that to happen when you walk into your wardrobe. You want everything laid out beautifully so you can choose your outfit easily. This goes the same for your partner who probably loses things far more than you do.

To stop that over stuffed look consider donating clothing (I wrote about it here) that you never wear or its too big for you now after your successful weight loss regime.

A tidy wardrobe equals a tidy mind! Contact Leigh Robinson for a free quote and design layout. Ph: 0412 525 137