Top Three Wardrobe Accessories

The icing on the cake for any wardrobe installation are those small accessories that add class and function to your wardrobe that help you with your clothing decisions on a daily basis.

Here are out top three accessories:

    1. Wire Baskets:

      Some clothes like jumpers and sweaters don’t do chest of drawers very well but do work with pull out wire trayour wire baskets. These wardrobe wire baskets are great because you can see your clothes and air circulates around them so there is no need for moth balls. The wire baskets also come with an acrylic sheet to stop anything drop from one wire basket to clothes below and leave no wire marks on your clothes.
    2. Shoe storage:

      We have two options for storing your shoes either as shelves or easy access carousels. These are the best organisers available and make finding and choosing your shoes at a glance a simple exercises. The carousel option also comes with a handy shelf to store hand bags or other accessories.
    3. Hanging Clothes Options:

      There are various wardrobe accessories available to hang your clothes such as:
      1.  Pant rank Р13 or 19 pairs options Рeither straight or carousel versions. 
      2. Valet rod that can hang your dry cleaning or temporary clothes choices.
      3. Pull out/down shirt rank rod – easy access to all your shirts and blouses

      These racks order your clothes perfectly making it easy to store your clothes uncrumpled but also your clothes choices can be made in an instant.

      Many times we see clients shoes piled up in the bottom of their wardrobe or pants, trousers and shirts stored together making it difficult to see clothing items clearly. It’s the simple things that make life easier and ordering and storing your clothes helps you start your day without issues because you can see all your clothes at a glance.

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      valet rod

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