5 Walk In Wardrobe Design Tips

large walk in wardrobe

Poorly Designed Or No Design Wardrobes

Every week we come across bad walk in wardrobe design or even none existing wardrobe design and more cheap and cheerful wardrobe frames with rods, piles of shoes and shoe boxes and other baskets of clothes. We also see missed-matched draws on wheels that never seem to hold enough clothing and the drawers are the wrong depth. This really does describe many wardrobes and the answer of course is reevaluating the space you have, the amount of clothes you have and how you want them displayed.

Let’s go through the five most important wardrobe design tips that you will need to think about if you’re going to change your life and get a walk in wardrobe installed. (There will be no looking back!)

The Sagging Clothes Hanger

In most wardrobes there are so many clothes hanging on the internal wardrobe rod complete with a variety of clothes hangers that it’s no surprised it’s a jumbled mess. Our wardrobe systems solve these issues with full hanging rods, half hanging rods and pant hangers. This divides your clothes up so they aren’t clumped together each fighting for space.

Of course getting rid of clothes would also help with you getting organised (donating to the Salvos or Vinnies is a great idea). I read recently that we tend to have 5 times more clothes than our grandparents did so donating clothes or biffing old, stained, old of date clothes will help.

Hanging Up The Wrong Clothes

Many times we see jumpers and sweaters hanging in closets that leave them sagging and stretched when they should be on shelves. A good walk in wardrobe designs caters for optimum storage of clothes, dividing them up so they don’t get damaged, stretched or crumpled.

Simply Bad Wardrobe Design

In most houses, especially new builds, a walk in wardrobe is only treated as a second thought. You get a rod and a shelf. The rod height is almost always too low so its restricting as to what can be stored underneath. Long clothing items and shorter clothing items are at the same height so its a poor use of space. As we have half hanging and full hanging options our rods are installed higher than your average wardrobe install allowing for a more efficient use of the walk in wardrobe’s height overall.

Shoe storage Is Crucial

I have already mentioned shoe storage in a previous blog but it’s so important to the efficiency of your wardrobe. Piles of shoes on the floor make selection a chore but with shoe shelves or carousels you get an uncluttered display solution. The same goes for handbags and boots. The old adage “everything in its place and a place for everything” rings true here and good wardrobe design should offer these types of solutions for your storage issues.

The Dinginess Will Affect You

Time and time again we have found that biggest affect a new walk in wardrobe  has for our customers is they felt much more relaxed choosing outfits and never got tense or stressed because they couldn’t find a valued piece of clothing. It wasn’t the aesthetics or the style but the lack of negativity they previously felt when deciding on what to wear affected their lifestyle the most.

A good well laid out walk in wardrobe that is designed efficiently will do more than organise your clothes, call Leigh Robinson for advice on how to get you clothes truly organised once and for all! Ph: Ph: 0412 525 137