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5 Things To Watch Out For With A Walk In Wardrobe Installation

If you are reading this then you will probably guess that we are walk in wardrobe experts. If you think that you are, of course, right on the mark. Regardless of whether you choose us or one of our great competitors here are a few things to watch out for regarding an installation.

  1. Most cabinet makers are great at their jobs of installing cupboards, shelves, kitchens and yes even walk in wardrobes. The only issues you might have is in the design and layout and accessories. Very few cabinet makers have a full understanding of wardrobe layout and how to best maximise the space due to a lack of experience. Our installers are cabinet makers but with a difference. They have been trained to install our system and follow a designed layout that has been approved by the client and they install walk in wardrobes regularly every month.
  2. Cabinet makers may be able to provide accessories but as it’s not a priority. You may end up with a cheap and nasty solution that doesn’t quite cut the mustard or they simply don’t have a matching range of accessories. Plus you want accessories that look the part!
  3. More on accessories, here is where you want to pay attention. Our accessories will basically last a lifetime. Things like valet rods, pant ranks, shoe storage solutions and more. Quality products that are made to last. Who really wants to replace anything in a walk in wardrobe after heavily investing in a getting one in the first place? Think about convenience and ease of use as well as peace of mind.
  4. If you own an older house chances are it’s out of square. This doesn’t effect you but makes our installers work that much harder to do the perfect job. Again, experience here helps enormously to make sure the wardrobe’s installation is a success.
  5. Wall hung verses not. Our wardrobe system is wall hung which means in most cases it won’t affect any existing carpet and leaves you free to vacuum the area freely. Another thing we have noticed is it encourages clients not to clutter up the floor. The wall hung system is great if your room is not square, there is no need to make the floor level and you also don’t have to worry about dealing with skirting. (Great for older homes)

There are are pitfalls to getting a walk in wardrobe but we suggest going with an expert. One that deals mostly in wardrobes rather than an allrounder. If you are considering getting a walk in wardrobe installed talk to Leigh Robinson today. Ph: 0412 525 137

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...