Comparing Bunnings & Ikea Wardrobes

What Is The Differences Between Our Walk In Wardrobes Compared To Bunnings & Ikea

Often we get asked how our walk in wardrobes are different to say a wardrobe solution from Bunnings or another local supplier.

Here Are The 7 Main Differences Between Our Walk In Wardrobes And Others

  1. Bunnings and Ikea provide component parts to a wardrobe that suit a reach in wardrobe better than a walk in wardrobe. These are a cheap solution and work ok if you are on a tight budget. (Great for the kids reach in wardrobe for example). The laminated wood is lower quality and thinner than our 18 mm hardy melamine. We aren’t “dissing” their products as there is a market for what they provide its just not the highest quality of wood panels and hardware.
  2. Our wardrobes are designed exclusively to accommodate the space you have where as Bunnings and Ikea wardrobes are pre built that you need to assemble into the space you have without any real choices or options. Every shelf or hanging space is your choice with our flexible wardrobe system. This means we can install a wardrobe that suits your space and your storage needs. It’s customised rather than trying to fit a preexisting design into the space you have. This is important if you’re serious about storing and selecting your clothes the way you prefer to on a daily basis.
  3. We provided experienced walk in wardrobe installers. Qualified trades people that can handle most tricky installation situations. This means if your wardrobe area is awkward or an unusual shape then we will have allowed for this in the installation plan. (You don’t get CAD drawings of your wardrobe layout when buying from Bunnings or Ikea). Also Bunnings and Ikea wardrobe products are mostly flat pack items that you will need to assemble yourself. This could get tricky if you haven’t measured the space correctly. You could never get optimised use of your wardrobe space with preexisting flat pack wardrobes unless you’re really lucky.
  4. Most people can appreciate quality and effort. Our walk in wardrobes are fixed meaning they won’t wobble, warp or degrade over time through use. The hardware and accessories are world class and look amazing aesthetically. This adds to the value of your home. Our walk in wardrobes are not a temporary fix or something to quickly solve a storage issue. They are a functional piece of furniture that layout your clothes in a manner that suits you and your clothing choices on a daily basis.
  5. Our service is real service. We measure, advise and direct you to the perfect solution, deliver and install. At Bunnings and Ikea in most cases you need to load flat packs or arrange a limited delivery service.
  6. Most of the Bunnings and Ikea wardrobe ranges are white. White is a popular colour but our colour choices can fit in with your existing decor. It may cost a bit extra from coloured melamine but you do have choices if the colour is important to you.
  7. We are also experts with wardrobe doors with a number of different systems to suit. Again the wardrobe door panels can be divided up with different inserts and colours This includes the wardrobe door frames).

If you’re serious about a “proper” walk in wardrobe then call Leigh Robinson today for more clarification, indicative pricing and answer all your walk in wardrobe queries.

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