Walk In Wardrobes Advanced Design Ideas

Designing The Perfect Walk In Wardrobe

When considering a walk in wardrobe is a great idea to treat the experience as more than just installing a storage area for clothes. If you have the time, budget and room you can create a wonderful area that affects you on a daily basis.

Here are our 5 advanced design tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Designing the layout

The first area to start is designing the layout. Where are your clothes going to be stored and how. Importantly its good to get a proper computer generated layouts that show size and features. This will give you an accurate look at how your walk in wardrobe will come together. Never rely on an installers word or hand drawing as this could lead to trouble.

Look & Feel

How do you want to feel when you first walk in to your walk in wardrobe? Is it elegance, grandeur or pizazz or even straight forward functional. What parts of your clothing collection could you feature? Do you want your beautiful hand bags or shoes on display? How about a full length mirror to add to the excitement of choosing an outfit. Use your imagination here to turn your walk in wardrobe from something dull into something extraordinary.


Our most popular colour for walk in wardrobes is white but you don’t have to stop there. You could have coloured back panels or drawers with a feature colour on the front panels or you could choose a completely different colour for the whole walk in wardrobe. Ask Leigh about the colours available and he will bring out a swatch of colours to show you during a measure up.

Remember your clothes are a reflection of your taste and colour aesthetic and so can your walk in wardrobe.

Less Is More

One thing we almost always see is a wardrobe full of clothes and in most cases too many clothes. We suggest having a big clean out of clothes to get rid of that “over stuffed” look. We all have clothes that we will never wear again and could easily be donated. This will allow your new wardrobe to “breathe” and also give you the opportunity to add to your collection.

Lighting Up.

We had one client that had 12 down-lights in her walk in wardrobe that lit the small room up magnificently. It was bright. You may want a subtle feel to your installation but don’t ignore the affect lighting can have on your wardrobe. A single bulb is usually what you start with but we suggest down lights with a dimmer switch (you’ll need an electrician for this of course). Make sure your wardrobe is well lit so you can find clothing and accessories easily and successfully see your outfit choices. Here are some more tips!

A walk in wardrobe is an investment, a functional tool but also can affect your mood. Take some time to consider the layout, design features and accessories to achieve the perfect outcome.

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...