5 Top Wardrobe Door Options

5 Top Wardrobe Door Options

Many time clients have come to us to look at their wardrobe doors that no longer function well. These doors are often a sliding system that gets stuck and made of cheap materials. Wardrobe doors take up such an enormous amount of wall space it’s a good idea to make sure they look great in your room. Here are a few options to help you out.

A100 Sliding Doors with Bottom Roller Track

A popular choice for wardrobes, A100 sliding doors offer a sleek and modern look. The bottom roller track ensures smooth and effortless sliding motion, allowing easy access to your clothes and belongings. These doors are space-saving, as they don’t require any additional clearance for opening. With a wide range of materials, finishes, and designs available, A100 sliding doors can complement any interior style.

wardrobe sliding door 3

A600 Pivot Doors

A600 pivot doors are a stylish and functional option for wardrobes. These doors pivot on a central hinge, allowing them to swing open smoothly. Pivot doors provide full access to the wardrobe, making it easy to reach all areas. They can be customised with different panel configurations and finishes to match your personal style and enhance the overall aesthetics of the room.

A800 Folding Doors

A800 folding doors are a versatile and practical choice for wardrobes. These doors fold and stack against each other when opened, providing full access to the wardrobe’s interior. A800 folding doors are available in various configurations, such as bi-fold or opening from the middle out, allowing you to customise the door opening size based on your needs and space constraints. With a wide selection of finishes and panel options, you can create a unique and personalised wardrobe design.

folding double door

Athabasca Narrow Framed Doors

Athabasca narrow-framed doors offer a contemporary and refined look to wardrobes. These doors feature slim frames that provide a sleek and minimalist appearance. Despite their narrow profile, Athabasca doors are sturdy and durable. They can be combined with different materials, such as glass, melamine, or mirrored panels, to create a striking visual impact. The narrow frames of these doors maximise the visible area of the wardrobe, allowing you to showcase your clothing and accessories effectively.

Athabasca Wardrobe Door Narrow


Alicante Folding – Sliding Doors

For existing wardrobes we have the Alicante frameless wardrobe door system giving you a choice of folding or sliding with 95% access. This stylish wardrobe door is frameless but each door is 18mm thick give you a sleek contemporary look, light in weight but very strong.

alicante-wardrobe-door -folding

The choice of wardrobe doors plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics and functionality of your wardrobe. Whether you opt for A100 sliding doors with a bottom roller track for a space-saving solution, A600 pivot doors for full access, A800 folding doors for versatility, or Athabasca narrow-framed doors for a sleek and contemporary style, there is a door type to suit every taste and wardrobe design. Consider the specific needs of your space and your personal preferences to select the wardrobe doors that best complement your interior and make a statement in your room.

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