How To Avoid Walk In Wardrobe Mishaps

We all need experts, people who spend their time on one thing and perfect it.

Walk In Wardrobe Experts

Most cabinet makers, wardrobe advisers from Bunnings or maybe your brother in law the builder might know a thing or two about walk in wardrobes. This type of knowledge really only scratches the surface and yes they can supply you with a walk in wardrobe but will it really satisfy your needs.

Imagine getting a walk in wardrobe installed and running out of room for ALL your shoes. Your shoes need to be “display” with specially designed options whether its angle shelving or flat shelving. Maybe the draws don’t suit or there are dead spaces that haven’t been utilised properly. Are your shelves going to be adjustable or fixed?

Wardrobe Planning & Organisation

Your husband might be over 6 foot whilst your under 5 foot this is going to affect the hanging of your clothes. To really sort your issues out you need a module, adaptable system that caters directly for your needs. This type of system is not available to most builders or cabinet makers so you’ll end up getting a result that is far more difficult to install and most likely more expensive.

Did I mention the dead space? The most common dead space in a walk in wardrobe is the very top shelf and the corners. These can be utilised within a walk in wardrobe design but you need to know the best way of implementing the layout/plan and have the accessories to install.

A walk in wardrobe is a once only event so you need to look at everything and try to predict the future. The worst scenario is not having a walk in wardrobe installation that caters to your current needs let alone what might happen later. Although men don’t need as much space from our experience they need a certain amount of attention as well. The outcome must be an organised, orderly wardrobe free of clutter and clothes piles. This is a real walk in wardrobe’s objective.

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