7 Power Tips For Smaller Walk In Wardrobes Pt #2

How To Get The Most From A Narrow Walk In Wardrobe

So far we have mentioned getting drawers or a tall boy installed and making sure the layout works now we move on to more tips to utilising your small space more effectively.

Hanging Clothes

3. Most walk in wardrobes have one hanging rod which is great for coats but a waste of space for shirts pants, tops/blouses and jackets. A dual hanging system is the best solution so right there you’ve saved about 50% of space in your wardrobe. Men benefit from this hugely as they normally don’t have long flowing frocks to contend with – its ok if you do however.

The top shelf is normally too low and will have to be moved up to accommodate double hanging.

The Wardrobe Door

4. If your walk in wardrobe has a door then here’s another opportunity to gain space. Use a hook board on the back of the door or one of those ugly shoe holder hanging things. You’ll never see it so it shouldn’t offend you. Another solution could be install a sliding door that takes up very little room but will look fantastic.

One of our sister companies – roomdividersrus.com.au – can help you with this. You’re still dealing with Leigh Robinson so it can be a seamless operation to get your wardrobe installed and a sliding door.

Clothes Hangers

5. We have seen walk in wardrobes with 5 different types of hangers that not only take up too much space but look horrible as well. The best hangers to get are thin, sturdy hangers with some kind of velvety coating that stops the clothes slipping off. Oh and stick to one type of hanger, it looks far neater. We have pant hanging rails that also reduce the amount of space used by the traditional coat hangers. Again talk to Leigh he knows his hangers.

Visual Clutter

6. People don’t realise how much visual clutter and disorganisation can mess with your brain. Adding baskets, bespoke shelving (this means shelving designed especially for your situation), boxes, pull out belt racks, tie racks and mirrors can help order your walk in wardrobe and make it easy on your eye and emotions.

If things are orderly it frees you up to pay more attention on what you are going to wear for the day rather than fret over mess.

Add A Bit Of Sparkle

7. Your walk in wardrobe most likely gets used at least two to three times a day, everyday so why not add in a bit of fun to make it special. Maybe a feature colour, an ornament, a special dressing chair if you have the room or maybe a chandelier! It’s up to you but adding a dash of meaningful fun and a little piece of you will make your walk in wardrobe an experience rather than just a utility.

These are our tips for small or narrow wardrobes, saving you space and making your closet (that’s American for wardrobe) more appealing.

Call Leigh Robinson, he’ll come to you for a measure up, advice on installation and a decent discussion on the weather.

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...