Wardrobe Installation Example

In this video Leigh goes through a recent “L-Shaped” installation including some of the more popular walk in wardrobe accessories.


Walk In Wardrobe Installation (White)

Hi I’m Leigh Robinson from Wardrobe Systems and Accessories today we’re going to be talking about a walk-in wardrobe that we’ve just installed and completed.

This particular one here is in white. We’re 300mm off the floor with our system. It’s a wall hung system and if you’d like to you can put the shoe boxes to make full utilisation of the floor space.

We have complete 100% storage off the top shelf.

Some of the great features here are the pants racks: they’re a telescopic pants rack that come all the way out and this particular unit is a piggyback unit which can be used for his and hers.

One of the great benefits with all our draw systems is you don’t see the draw runner on the side we’re an underneath runner with a soft close on the runner.

We do have a lovely jewellery tray inside this particular one and the others are nice deep drawers.

Over here we have our Lazy Susan shoe carousel takes up to about 30 odd pairs of shoes and these are available for either men or ladies. And the ladies can put their purses or scarves on the top and rotate around and get their shoe selection out for their day.

Of course there are plenty of shelves for open storage and so forth. Behind we have a unit here, that’s what we call our medium hang, that gives you a little bit more of a drop for your three-quarter jackets. Over here we have our full hang still another top shelf on top and this gives you a nice drop for your long clothes.

White is still our most popular colour but you can get colours of the rainbow from wood grains to other plain solid colors.

In this particular room here we’ve got a full utilisation of the room. Everything is made to measure so we purely custom your wardrobe to suit the size of your room space. We present you with full drawings of layouts and front elevations and measurements beforehand and everything’s made to exactly what you want, utilising our wonderful accessories.

So if you’re in the market today for a walk-in wardrobe or any type of wardrobe accessories call me today for a free consultation. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Belmont – Geelong

Yes we do wall beds, room dividers & sliding doors as well...