Point Lonsdale Wardrobe Install

A Mirror Image Walk In Wardrobe

Point Lonsdale is a pretty coastal township on the south eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsular right next door to Queenscliff. This is where we installed a “mirrored” walk in wardrobe.

As you look into the walk in wardrobe you can see Leigh Robinson just before doing a final installation check. When you turn around 180 degrees you see almost the same wardrobe features in the second image. This is what we mean by a mirrored walk in wardrobe.



white walk in wardrobe

This installation was done whilst the owners where renovating so you will notice the skirting boards have not been inserted as yet.1

What you will find is the walk in wardrobe is hung from the wall on a series of rails and brackets. These rails can carry a weight up to 500 kgs. This is a unique system that you won’t find anywhere else.

5 Important Reason Why Our Walk In Wardrobes Systems Could Work In Your Home

  1. The whole system is off the floor which makes it easy to add skirting or lay carpet and to vacuum afterwards. (Perfect if you’re renovating)
  2. The space between the shelving/draws and floor makes the wardrobe look aesthetically tidy but still could be used for storage.
  3. Our rail and bracket system allows for an enormous amount of versatility when it comes to utilising dead corners as you can see below. There is extra shelving and hanging space that in most wardrobe installs the corner spaces are never fully utilised.
  4. Our bracket and rail system is also good when you have uneven floors (especially in older houses) or existing carpet that you don’t want to touch.
  5. If you are limited by space or have an unusual layout in your bedroom our walk in wardrobe can easily accommodate all sorts of challenges.

Leigh Robinson, owner and chief measuring guy has seen so many different adaptations of the rail and bracket system along with his highly qualified installers that your wardrobe solution is ready to be nailed! Call Leigh today to book a free measure and quote. Ph: 0412 525 137


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